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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Cool Post-modern tomb.

Happy Yeaster!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you too!

Thoroughly enjoyed your thought provoking homily on Easter Sunday. God bless you!


*s*haron said...

I'd have thought this pic came straight off some role-playing computer game a-la Lego Star Wars!!!

This scene, as I imagine, would require you to roleplay as angel and shoot the roman soldiers guarding the tomb to free JC! When that is done, the tomb will open and JC walks out triumphant together with bunnies hopping out and into the rolling green field! What a happy happy easter! Woohoo! :D

Aloysius said...

*shake head* :-)

Young Minstrel said...

ororor An-Ga Pel (mix of Angel + Agape)

allow me with the more exaggerated take with the script

*Roman soldiers rushing towards An-Ga Pel* : INTRUUUSIOOON!!!

*An-Ga Pel standing before the tomb, hand upon the hilt of his heavensabre* : OUR LORD IS NOT HERE!!! HE HAS RISEN!!!

*Roman soldiers drew their swords* (warcry)!!!

*heavensabre unsheathed* VVVVSSH!!!

*dodging Roman soldiers' sword attacks* VOOMVOOM!!!

*A Roman soldier strikes up his sword* CLASH!!!

*Turning front, An-Ga Pel raises his hand, palm up facing Roman soldiers*

AAARRGGH!!!! *Roman soldiers thrown backwards 700 feet*!!!

*little bunnies peeping through the bushes, trembling*

*An-Ga Pel caught their terrified gazes from the corner of his eyes, lowers his hand, recomposed and relaxed, smiling* : All yours now

*little bunnies comforted by An-Ga Pel's smile, hopped out of the bushes and onto Emmaus, along the way hiding chocolate eggs in any bushes they could find*

*Far from their sight, An-Ga Pel opens his right palm, revealing a chocolate Easter Egg of a colour that no human eye could distinguish, sheepishly grinned towards the sky*

: weeell...almost all..


Aloysius said...



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