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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Impossible Leadership

Took some time out this evening and went to watch MI:3 with some friends. The movies was one great fun ride of action, drama and stunts that weaved in deception and plots that one would associate readily with this successful 'Impossible' franchise. In short, it was an enjoyable evening that didn't exercise the brain too much. :-)

Speaking of brain, it doesn't take too much thinking to see that we have a day to go before we make exercise our national duty as good citizens of Singapore to vote the next 'garment'. We certainly need good leaders to ensure that the future of the nation remains secure and bright. It is interesting to note that this Sunday is also Good Shepherd Sunday and one can see this connection for some homily that links everything to the dimension of leadership. How and what this will turn out remains to be seen, both the election and my homily (yes, I am up again for another round at the pulpit! :P ) I wonder what I will say, if I ever, with regards a certain MP who attends the parish for Mass if he loses the election....

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