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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Nice and Simple - Embrace Retreat

Managed to used the Net from where I am today, though for a short while. There are still some households here who haven't had their network secured! ;-)

Anyway, the sessions and activities here have been going on rather smoothly and I haven't felt so much embraces before compared to other retreats which I have attended in the past. The retreat, though simple and are among youths and young adults, is a reminder that you only need simple pleasures to see through the day without complicating further with our selfishness and manipulations.

Breakfast this morning at our picnic over at an open area overlooked by the HDB blocks were 2 slices of bread, a bottle of Nutella and a bottle of mineral water that were shared and enjoyed by each group.

Nice and simple!


Petey said...

It was our privilege to have you with us. Truly, you gave the Retreat a focus that will remain with us for quite a while. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Fr. This does nott relate to your entry.

I came across a short clip of a 'Gospel proscession' that didn't seem very orthodox. Could you clarify if it 'dancing' around the church with the Gospel while the choir is singing the Acclaimation correct.
Here's the very short clip:


Nat! said...

Thanks for spending your weekend with us at EMBRACED! It meant a lot to all of us!

Will we get to see the photos too?


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