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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Making Up For Lost Time

Slightly more than a week since my last entry. Hmmm... there is a reason.

Firstly, I was once again caught up with pile of work to plough through and secondly, I fell sick after that and am now nursing the *aaack, koff!, koff!, aaachhoo, wheeze, wheeze* cough and fever that is making its round in the parish. It is only today that I have this opportunity to do something worthwhile in this blog.

The recent retreat ended on an optimistic and much livelier note that signals it has fulfilled its intention of giving the participants equal amounts of fun and spiritual inputs that managed to help them to focus on where they are now and what they are called to do. I find this reflection timely as there are so many teens out there who are floundering under the barrage of voices, opinions and lifestyles. All these need a discerning mind and clarity of thinking to weed out unwanted nonsense and distractions that usually come along for the ride. Thank good ness for moments like this to take a good look at ourselves and make the appropriate step forward from here (pics will be forthcoming! ;-)).

Today onwards there will be a series of Sacrament of Reconciliation that begin with the Catholic schools around the East District. This will be followed by the Penitential Services for all the churches of the same district. We had one for St Anthony's (Sec) School at Bedok this moring at 7.30 a.m. I had to drag myself from my bed early this morning, despite my day off, to help the Canossian girls to make their annual confessions together with the other priests assisting. Managed to come back from there in one piece and had a good three hours of uninterrupted sleep. I couldn't sleep well last night due to my constant coughing and the mid-morning nap was a great welcome!

I have much to prepare and work as I am the main celebrant for the coming Easter Vigil. I shall be taking the entire vigil celebration from start to end and will have to sing the Exsultet and Alleluia. I welcome the challenge!... I think. :P It remains to be seen how I will cope with that engaging responsibility.

Meanwhile, the day finally rained, after many months of hot weather. It is much cooler outside now and I am looking forward to more rainy days! The Met did say the we will have some of these for the coming two weeks. Then again our guys at the Met has been known to be totally off in their forecasts many times. Bring an umbrella just in case! :-)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are one busy priest. Will be keeping you in prayer Father A!


Holy Drummer said...

Father, you're gonna sing Exsultet & the long-long-long-oh-so-long-one-breath-only Alleluia!!! With 2 modulations!!!

Can I 'coach' you? =p =p =p

Unknown said...

I can use all the help I can get! Had a preview run-thru with marisa earlier, it was manageable ;-)


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