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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Drudgery. That's the topic coming from the pessimistic and long-suffering Job whose readings we have this weekend.

However, in this ministry which I have before me and only three years of it, it is anything but that. It is more like the gospel reading for this weekend, whereby Jesus was ought after by the people who recognised the power that came from him in healing and curing the sick and demon-possessed people.

Then again, the ministry which I see myself in do not directly give the same effect as that of Jesus but more of a subtle nature where time may take a while to see some fruits, if at all... It is the waiting. It is not the waiting for Godot where it becomes futile but one that promises hope and graces to see me through the day.

It's like I have been waiting for a lifetime and the waiting carries on. However, there were very specific moments where in the midst of "waiting" I caught a glimpse and felt the very warm and loving embrace of God enveloping me, reassuring me that I am in His care. It also says that the waiting has a meaning and I have to be patience and not ask too many questions but to trust and continue in that faith that has brought me to this point in time.

Waiting on God.... that's all I can do for now. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

Waiting on God...

Fret not, sigh not, oh happy slave, you have no idea how blessed you are! :)


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