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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where aaahhh?...

Where do you stay?

Before, I have no problems with questions like that. I would just give an address knowing fully certain that it IS my abode and a clear identification of where I am and to whose property I can place my feet firmly upon.

Now, that is not so. Sure, I can say Chapel Road but there are a lot of other landed property here that can vie equally for that placement. When they figure out that it is in a church that I am staying in, something still doesn't sit right in many people's minds, unless you are a Catholic. So, they'd further enquire as to where I am really staying thinking that the church would be the place of work and all. Then I would go into the whole story, AGAIN, about my vocation, where my family really is and what the presbytery is all about as being the abode for priests, etc....

So, now to avoid all that and to perhaps steer the conversation to another tangent where it may evoke more interesting talking point, I am thinking of saying that I live in a place where about 8000 (may be a little lesser these days, I think) people wants to know me. To fuel further interest in this type of community, I would then say that I have someone who also wants to give me S$6,000,000 as soon as he receives his windfall/property/whatever from his family! I call this person "The Six Million Dollar Man". The same person now seems to be suffering from temporary amnesia, having forgotten about his millions, and wishes me long life everytime he sees me after Mass. Anyway, I am still waiting for his 'ang pow', long life or no... ;-)

In a place like this and an address that carries a strange gaggle of people, I might as well be giving the impression that I am staying in mental institution (read IMH) and myself as a resident there too! :-) Then again, at the rate I sometimes go about in doing things around me I may as well end up there one day! :P

Anyway, no fears. I have been through worse and this is only a place where I am formed for future endeavours, whatever they may be. So, bring it on man!

Oh, for the record, it is Church of the Holy Family, 6 Chapel Road (S429509), Singapore.

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