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Sunday, February 19, 2006

God Knows!

People are still streaming into the church despite the fact that Mass has already began. People greeting you as they walk briskly by. People finding seats in the church and walking by the pews, catching the attention of others as they walk by. A handphone went off nearby as the person quickly went about to put it to silent mode....

The stuff of things you would usually get during one of the many sessions before Mass begins.

Would people ever arrive early and be seated in their places to begin Mass on time with the celebrant? Will we ever not make any more announcements concerning switching off or put to silent mode all handphones?

What about the ongoing plea for our parishioners to sign up and attend the upcoming Parish Assembly (March 26)? Some enquiries here and there and a few more registered this morning. However, I am sure there are more. Would we get a good turnout for this event which can chart a course for the betterment of this parish?

I am also arriving to a point where I would have reached three years of ministry in this parish of the Holy Family. What would the future holds for me in time to come. If going by the book, I would be up for a new posting soon. I am not too bothered by all this, as I am ready to accept whatever that comes along. I wonder what then?

God knows! :-)

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