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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Sniffles!

Nursing a cough and cold... :P

It can be rather irritating and tedious to manage both these ailments as it can sap the energy and patience of a person. For someone like myself who have to do much vocalizing and moving about and meeting people, it can be rather 'bloody murder' on the throat and the urgency of not spreading this around to others!

The medication given has helped to stabilise the situation somewhat, but there is still this phase one has to go through to bear with the phlegm that is still there waiting with glee to make life difficult for you and the drowsy after-effects of downing half a table spoon of cough syrup. Still that didn't stop me from what I had to do today with the paperwork, meetings, and the RCIA interviews of 8 catechumens during the night.

The comforting thing about these interviews is to note that these catechumens are eager to receive baptism and see changes, good development and outlook in their lives, as they gently move into the faith and to make that response later on Easter night. The quiet joy and anticipation that can be seen on their faces is an affirmation that the journey and all those involved have done much to bring this about, despite the limitations faced and obstacles to bear with. At the end of it all, I am a contented person despite a hoarse throat which was quickly soothed with a mug of warm water. :)

Now sleeping all this off to greet another day by quaffing a 1/2 tablespoon of cough syrup and heading to bed!

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