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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Bags Are Packed

It has been quite a while since I last put anything down here that dust is gathering at the top of this blog. Pardon me while I attempt to blow them away... *ack!* *ack!* *koff!* koff!*

'Tis the eve of my flight that begins my pilgrimage. This will take across Portugal, Spain and France, visiting the Marian and Eucharistic shrines. My bags are almost pack and tomorrow should see all in order. There are a few more minor stuff I need to settle tomorrow morning and then I am off! The flight is in the night at 11.30 p.m. I shall be a Spiritual Director in this trip for a group of about 28 people. Not too big, just a cosy group that should be comfortable enough for all to work with.

This idea for the trip came off from Paul Coelho's novel, The Pilgrimage, which described his journey through Spain using the pilgrim route. Told in a fairytale sort of manner, it gave interesting insights of how he engages with the people he met along the way and the experiences (some strange, some ridiculous, most of them spiritual) he underwent. The journey took him to St James of Compostelo. After reading that I was inspired to do a similar journey and one thing led to another, came this final 'product' - the pilgrimage of Portugal-Spain-France.

I don't know what this will entail and how the people in the group would feel. Some of them are seasoned travellers, after having gone on similar pilgrimages to other places. Others are experiencing this for the first time. This would be my second pilgrimage after my own trip to the Holy Land some 10 years ago. Then, I went as a seminarian. While Coelho's journey borders on a blend of mysticism, magical realism and folklore, mine is more of a discernment as to where my own personal life journey is to bring me.

It's going to be a 17-day experience that will speak volumes for all of us as this journey will certainlyopen up various opportunities for discoveries and fellowship. I don't know if I am able to record this over the next few weeks, as the access to the Net maybe erratic or not possible. Whatever it is, I shall certainly go and enjoy myself!


Daniel said...

Oooh! The pilgrimage! Are you walking across the country like Paulo Coelho did too?

Hope you find your sword!

Unknown said...

Lightsaber, my young padawan! Lightsaber! ;)


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