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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Noise

Got up this week to the sounds of machines hacking up the driveway of the church. This is just outside my office and the noise is deafening and a pain to the ears. I don't see any ear mufflers on the person who is manning the machine and the noise there must be extremely bad!

I have a hospital run to do later and an article to rewrite for the coming issue of the parish newsletter. A little while ago the principal from our kindergarten brought to my attention that a big truck accidentally lodged itself in our carpark and broke some piping above as it was too big/high to go through. The truck and driver was apparently delivering some equipment for the kindergarten. The principal was wondering why they didn't bring it in a smaller vehicle as the items were in small cases... :P

What a day to wake up to!

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Anonymous said...

What a day to end with???

Fr Aloy, maybe you are so used to this,am in shcok myself, turned to ob. page after dinner and saw an uncle who attended RCIA class just to enriched himself passed away -HEART ATTACK. only 68 yrs old, do understand he has a devoution to st jude as well. he goes yearly....godma says he just cme back frm santa cruz asked him St Jude? he say SEE FIRST- maybe he not been well???......he is in heavens now.

His Godaughter who is my RICA groupmate has left the faith, just called her and told her about her godpa's passing away. she's in shock. told her it doesn't matter whether you are practising catholic or not now, up to you whether you want to go pay your last respects. was trying to be nice but couldn't help shooting her.

May Uncle Gibson Rest in Peace.


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