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Monday, October 10, 2005

Off We Go!

A few more hours to go before I head for the wild blue yonder and the 'unknown'. Finalised all the packing and last minute buying and now all is set and ready to go. I wanted to take a nap this afternoon but couldn't sleep as I was still rather excited and fidgety.

Just now, Mary, our cook, made me down two bottles of chicken essence. For strength and energy, she said. Since I was feeling a little peckish, I gladly quaffed the brew. Meanwhile the clock is ticking and the air is heavy with anticipation of the pilgrimage...

Earlier, I was tempted to do some blading but thought the better of it and remained indoors. I don't want to end up getting into any accident and scupper the whole trip! For what it is worth, I do feel better prepared for the coming plane trip now. So, till the next 18 days, wishing you God's peace and be good! ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yucks, you drank SOYA SAUCE.......thought only WOMEN drink that kind of stuffs. REALLY YUCKS...........

Helo saw yr bags you should have said earlier, Miss LONDON has got those sort of TRAVELLING DEXTER or DEUTER or watever is it the brand those backpacking bags different should have opened your mouth.
she also not using it now. she's been grounded since LONDON BLAST. heehee...........

nevermind you come back MY TURN.........


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