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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Early Morning Jottings

I am jotting this down after a blading run about an hour ago. Wanted to let it all out after a long day's activity in the office and two meetings in a night. Yesterday also was World's Day of Sanctification for Priests.

Been two weeks already since I last put down anything here. It has been rather tedious for me to find any worthwhile occasion to pen any item here, as mostly I would consider them mundane. Anyway, in about 9 hours from now, I shall be in the Spirituality Centre's sprawling field with some fellow priests playing and running around in game of football. That would be another story to tell... :)


Anonymous said...

Were all of you "crawling around" the field?

By the way the lightsabre is being used for Die-Hard Sinners. If you do not repent..........a certain priest didn't believe fr aloy has the lightsabre i told him TOYSHOP wat of course got lah. He was like???

Anonymous said...


Seize the day!(Carpe Diem!!)Let events unfold by themselves. Do not strain over it. Then enlighten us with your wisdom when it happens. Like Mary, we too are the "handmaid??"( if it is an appropriate term) of the Lord. We are his song. Let Him grant us the peace to acknowledge it and do his bidding.



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