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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Force Is Still Strong With This One!

This evening I shall once again don my Jedi garb and put on the lightsaber to defensive position as I call upon the Force for another round of ROTS! It will be the third time of watching it and I don't care if people say "Again?!!"

'Tis my day off and I just allowed the day to speak to me without my putting any specific judgement to it as I soaked in the experience. There was the interesting morning at the CAVC (Catholic AV Center, SPI) in my group's (Vocations Promotions Team) attempt to finalise the banner design to be used for our first vocations prayer meet next coming Thursday night. The day began with the sun a little off from its usual brightness. Then after a late morning nap, it was a trip to PP for a looksee at the bookstore. I ended up buying a pair of laptop speakers Best Denki and it is now sitting rather pretty on both the right and left of my Asus.

In the midst of all this, I was overwhelmed by the sheer realization that life has somehow progressed in leaps and bounds even over the past week. The amount of gadgetry and force of technology that continually push the boundaries of possibilities that what was considered impossible before isn't so nowadays. When all is used for the good of humankind, one can't help but feel on to of the world and thankful to be part of this great journey of life. It makes all other irritants and the bothersomes of life rather insignificant.

It's as though the following statement from Gaudium et spes leaped out in front of my eyes: "Therefore, the council focuses its attention on the world of men, the whole human family along with the sum of those realities in the midst of which it lives; that world which is the theater of man's history, and the heir of his energies, his tragedies and his triumphs; that world which the Christian sees as created and sustained by its Maker's love, fallen indeed into the bondage of sin, yet emancipated now by Christ, Who was crucified and rose again to break the strangle hold of personified evil, so that the world might be fashioned anew according to God's design and reach its fulfillment."

This is the true Force of it all!


Jude Gal said...

Helo Fr Aloy, a priest asked me in the morning Why I looking so tired? i say reading fr aloy's blog - he went wat BLOCK??? I had to control my laughter, can't be rude mah. i say no lah not "block" but blog - diary then he understood.

Anonymous said...

Hope you watched ROTS in digital... SW never looked this good...

Unknown said...

did! :)

Anonymous said...

Wish you Sucess in your Prayer-Meet tomorrow evening. Your so cosy in adoration room, what am I thinking of?


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