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Saturday, June 11, 2005

What Would People Say?

Was late for morning mass today. My alarm clock died in the middle of the night.... :P

Nonetheless, the show must go on. So, after a hasty climb down from my bunk and a quick wash of my face, I was all in vestment and celebrating the Mass looking as recollected as possible. St Barnabas whose feast we remember today was an encourager of the faith and the Christian community he was with at Antioch some thousand of years ago. I think he would have encouraged me to get a new alarm clock soonest!

Saw two couples and helped them see the significance of the marriage that they will undertake to carry out with each other soon. It is always a profound and also a frightening exercise with these couples as I can't see into their future and safely say that things will be as they ought to. So, it is always a daunting task to see the couples for marriage through this preparation - spiritually and administratively.

Meanwhile, the sun is beating on the ground gleefully outside. I have some needed time to tackle my Mandarin Mass prep, going through the Hanyu Pinyin, before the celebration this evening at 8.00 p.m. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about this... :P


Anonymous said...

Fr Aloysius, you only washed face, never brush teeth and rushed for mass? Your alarm clock did not die just that you did not hear it ring.

You can't beat me to this, 14 missed hp calls at 1115am yesterday morning and u bet i did not hear a single ringtone even phone was next to me on my bed.

bridgette see said...

Hi father aloysious, just happened to chance upon your blog. my mom's a retired chinese lang teacher and she goes to Andrew Goh's sessions at Holy Family every thursday afternoon. I wonder if you would like her to give you Chinese tuition or help you out in anyways? lemme know ok? cheerios. you can email me at


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