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Friday, May 27, 2005

Receive Grace, Always

The sun is gently beating onto the ground outside while I sit in the comfort of an aircon room. I am only hours away from a neighbourhood mass over at Lucky Heights this evening. Usually around this time if I have time to spare, I would put on my blades and into the tracks of the East Coast parkway I would go for a spot of blade whizzing.

But timing is not possible for today's recreation. So, I continue to sit here...

As I look around me, I can't help but feel a little sad and do wish that things - some things - could remain the same or that they don't change. For starters, our secretariat has seen the retirement of two of our well known staff who was with us for quite a while - Douglas Rozario and Agnes Quek. Between the two, Agnes took the front most of the time with her efficiency and dedication to the administrative work before her. Douglas lended his support and presence as and when he could as he concentrated on more minor and supportive role in the background. After all he is already in is 70s.

I shall miss their efficiency and expertise of Church secretariat matters, not to mention Agnes' tea and breakfast goodies which she shares with us priests when the mood or occasions arise. In place of these two stalwarts who left us for greener pastures, are three 'neophytes' feeling their way around the environment and people we have here as the community of HolyFamily. They are still getting use to us as we are to them. I must be patient and practice patience as I deal with Mary Chee, Benny Yeo and Lawrence Wong in their effort to be part of this new secretariat team that they are. Certainly, they can't beat the added years of experience between Agnes and Douglas but in time they can slowly be a team that can bring about 'quality fruits.'

I also received news of another friend leaving. Mel Diamse-Lee from the Catholic News emailed me and few other of her friends informing us that she is leaving the establishment. She wants to concentrate on her motherhood and wants to see how working life in the secular world is all about. I wish her the very best.

I sense also of age slowly creeping up and the last cataract operation is certainly a clear indicator of this. On June 29, next month, I celebrate my 2 years in the priesthood and just about 2.5 years in this parish of the Holy Family! Fr Ignatius Yeo (Holy Cross) today celebrates his 3 years as he invited me to join him for a breakfast celebration. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it. These passing time of changes and the reality of being a mortal can be rather sobering thoughts that put me in my place and not to feel any greater than anyone. I am only a humble and struggling servant that is continuing to find what he is in the scheme of God's plan.

It is quiet here now and the silence only softly broken by the hum of the aircon blower above. I looked to the Franciscan calendar at my desk and the phrase there struck me. 'Receive grace - always'. Yes, give me that and I ask for nothing more!


Nat said...

Hi Fr,
You come across to me as a rather interesting priest. One who watches SW and blades...
It's good to have known you through your blog. Hope to see you in person someday.

Aloysius said...

Hi Nat,
am at Holy Family, Katong. most welcome for some Katong Laksa! :)

Anonymous said...

Father, like yourself, most of us suffer from this strange affliction called "Cling On". No affinity to Star Trek's "Klingons" though. We tend to pine for lost friendship, friends and acquaintances who have migrated, died or someone whom we have lost contact. I think in one of the Gospel passages (pse corect me if I am wrong), Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection and he said "Do not cling to me". I think this is a reminder that though we may not see him, his spirit lives within us. Just as friends and relatives whom we miss, their friendship and good deeds remain fondly in our hearts and we move on with our lives albeit positively. Like you, I too have a Franciscan calendar and I "Receive Grace" daily to draw strength and charge on with my daily life.

Anonymous said...

My friend has offered me the VCD for SW.

Jude Gal said...

Fr Aloy, Confirmation can help or not?

I go sleep first, i very tired. Can't think properly now. End of month, Thk God juz done with sales quota. but the "nonsense" will start 2mw again it's a new month.

Jude Gal said...

I got my answer oredi, Thks Fr Aloy, it's not the answer that you be waiting to hear but it's weird very weird. like zis am sum1 offered me SW - eating at BK and i said NO WAY (even telling me Hayden "handsum"- good looking), Y not we watch MONSTERINLAW.

Confirmation is abt FORGIVENESS.It's juz a HAPPIE FEELING.

A certain priest would have said "isn't yr walk with god - sprinkling of holy water same as yr baptism?" frm nativity lah.

Anonymous said...

Fr Aloysius,
A friend told me to calm himself down, if say angry with someone,go confessional. By then should be sorry for sins . Remembered you telling me by the time you queue outside confessional you should be sorry for your sins. You should know your sins, Yes i heard before if to receve Grace as well.

I never heard to calm oneself down the best is to go confessional.

I am sick and tired of lying down past 48 hours. But really having a good rest.forced to have a good rest i suppose.

Jude Gal said...

Ratzinger doesn't like us to read HARRYPORTER. He says it's EVIL. Newpaper 2day's edition.

Holy Girl said...

To Jude Gal: I know .. , something about it being a subtle evil. Hmm ..

Jude Gal said...

Holy Girl, i suppose JP2 said in the article it helps kids to differiate betwn evil and good.

Never mind lor, read Da Vinci.....a fren of mine reads Vinci and tells me the storyline damn funnie. i have the books lah but very boring.

juz being naugti his ordination annivesary same as sumone, Y not send him the Flying BROOMSTICK as a gift? heehee.............

Jude Gal said...

Holy Girl, forgot to tell u tat the Flying Bloomstick is for Ratzinger NOT fr aloy - he has sumthing better lah, go ask him lor. heehee...........a priest said he should have taken out "his weapon" during his wkend homily last wk up to altar, tat would have been very happeng!!! Holy Girl if you are frm hfc u would have heard fr aloy's homily - how the bad turned good character.......abt........heehee..........wat he was relating in his homily. no need clues wan.

helo, fr aloy i was listeng - homily ok........back to BED.


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