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Thursday, May 19, 2005

It Is Finished!

And so it is!

I just walked into the compound of the church after the 10.20 p.m. show of the Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. The time already showed 12.55 a.m. Something, a thought within me caught my attention and I spent the next 20 minutes wrestling with its implications that I now still can't really fathom fully.

I started as a young teenager, in Melaka, enthralled with the first Star Wars movie way back in 1977. It was the following episode after The Empire Strikes Back- The Return of the Jedi - that really grabbed me by the collar. When I saw the reconstructed Death Star graphic coming out and displayed in the rebel base as they made plans on how to attack it, I wanted to go into computers.

That brought me to Singapore to study computer science later. My journey then began in another country, far from home.

Now after many encounters and experiences, I am now a Singapore citizen and a priest! After watching what is known as the end of the Star Wars story (on film) I can't help but feel somewhat bittersweet as to how all these have changed and formed me to where and who I am today. The Episode 3 and my encounter with it this evening, stirred and resonated something deep within me that says I have now to make a significant decision as to which step to move further from now on. It is now beholden upon me to make a good one.

I have now come full circle with my childhood dreams. It is time to grow up. It is time to learned what good the past held for me and how to proceed from here, as a priest, in good stead. There will be many challenges ahead that will challenge my faith and disposition. In fact I have come to faced some of them already. For better or for worse, I have come out of them a little wiser. I don't pretend to know everything for I know I have very little and most of what I do have come from the my master, the Lord Jesus Christ himself. If he can be called my 'Jedi master' then I am his clumsy padawan! *grin*

As I stood there in the darkness, pondering all these, a gentle breeze blew past. I could almost here a small voice echoing from the distant: remember, the force will be with you... always.


dawn said...

thanks for the sharing, Padre! :) The thought of things coming "full circle" quite gives me goosebumps!

Anonymous said...

Been reading a lot of write-up media about Starwars. In the end, wat stuck me was the father saves the son.

Fr Aloysius, isn't the same as our relationship with Jesus. I was thinking along that line. Anyone of us can walk far away from him and refuse to acknowledge him as Father but in the end He is still waiting for us. or being by our side.

Nat said...

Fr. you're quite a cool priest. I haven't known many who are thrilled by Star Wars and computer games. Hopefully I will meet you someday.

Anonymous said...

Like the young Anakin, alot of people are easily swayed to the dark side. It is with faith and strength of character that good ulimately triumphs over evil.This issue of good over evil parallels in Lord of the Rings as well. Cirsumstances change people and are easily transformed to Jekyl and Hydes. Have you read "Lord of The Flies" by William Golding, Father? Recommended read as it dwells into the essence of human nature.But in all these episodes, the "Force" ulitmately triumphs over the "Dark Side" and all is well.

Aloysius said...

Lord of the Flies not my usual reading material though I know the gist of the story. All in all, not surprise how the SW prequels and the origial trilogy can affect the psyche of many people.

It uses symbols and other elements that are iconic and even 'primordial' which reaches the core of our being.

May the force be with you! *grin*

Anonymous said...

I was so shocked when you opened your office door on sunday afternoon.

Thank You Starwars Laopeh for making it such a wonderful few minutes, Yes, it shocked me but at the same time i started laughing.
I know you laughed at my reaction also.

I believe those kids who have gone into your office will want to stay in there and play.

I need some FORCE, can borrow from you?

May the Soul of the priest who passed away at the altar of OLPS Rest in Peace. He must be in heaven now.


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