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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We Have A Pope!

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Habemus papam!

The words I have been waiting for the past two days since the conclave. The bonus is that, the chosen one is the very one I had predicted: Cardinal Ratzinger. His name was on my mind quite prominently as I saw him the obvious choice to keep the Church at the center for a while before we make any further broader or sweeping changes that some are seeking.

"Dear brothers and sisters, after the great Pope John Paul II, the cardinals have elected me -- a simple, humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord," he said.

So, we welcome Pope Benedict XVI!


yyy said...

oh my you are really updated! hahaha...

cheers 2 the new(& not my choice) german pope

Jude Gal said...

Thank You to Someone who woke me up from WONDERLAND at 1205am, I did not answer the phone, followed by SMS - White Smoke, I was like "Dun bluff lah - one of those again". I crawled out from bed switched on Channelnewsaisa - A New Pope has been elected. At the back of my mind i was thinking must be the "Rat". I woke the whole fam up, and mum went today is daddie's birthday 20th and here u are at 1210am so excited about New Pope not wished yr dad Happy Birthday yet. I was following "Bookies" very closely - article even wrote Priests were betting oso - overseas.

Dad was like Go & Sleep wat time now, u need to wake up go work, u believe i slept? sneaked back to watch till 1am. (watched in the dark) saw the blessings, fr vaz being interviewed.

fr aloy there goes my WOMEN PRIESTS, Abortion, Pills..............and i been getting calls today " Do you know Rat is very conserve/strict?????
remembered i think fr aloy said before "Rat is one of those strictest around - read abt it in Newpaper before oso".

i thought i could have gone back to sleep i was 3/4 gone till 2am i was still receving smses from catholic clients. Pray for New Pope. i suan my clients - very close to them, PRAY FOR ME 1ST LAH.

had to have 15mins holynap after lunch i oni slept 5 hours.....make matter worse new collegue i do not noe she noe NEW POPE ELECTED she's christian started her PREACHING at 8plus this am. i was like Ya,Ya.........she wanted to give me Church History how church got separted. i was like, Pse lah wat time now???

Holy Girl said...

Heehee .. Jude Gal so funnee O:

Hai .. I think "Rat"'s kinda elderly though and he looks deprived of sleep

Let's all keep him in prayers: May God through Benedict 16th guide us into a new era of peace, justice and unity to the Glory of God, Our Only Father - AMEN

Jude Gal said...

Holy Gal - FUNNIE meh, trying to sleep and u get clients - catholics sms u even they are overseas to tell u to pray for "RAT". tat's y told them u pray for me 1st lah Pope got so many pple to pray for him. was waiting for blessings mah, needed badly who cares frm TV - Live. fren worse still SIGN OF CROSS WHEN POPE DID BLESSINGS. I couldn't tehan but laffed. but thked my fren for - die oso had to wake me up & best part knew i was knocked out i jumped out frm bed - summore can tell me yestday who in the rite frame of mind will wake u up 1205am when we all noe u sure knock out with yr ANTIHISTIMES. told me got church bells ringg, i was like dun bluff me lah........white smoke then black then grey zit?

"Rat" got nicknames going around...........can't blog here lah. u go figure out yrself. if i TYPE OUT the nickname later pple say i got no respect for POPE OR Popenatics will kill me.

FYI,"Rat" has health pblems - quoted frm NEWPAPER yestday's. but never mention lah. i gve him 1 decade lah. he oredi 78 yrs old.

2day's papers again saying he might spring sum surprises coz last time in charge of SOP - i mean doctrines - strict..........papers say he has to start showing "softer side" of himself lah. He look sibeh STRICT, to tell u the truth i scared a bit - he dun look the grandpaly type where SPARE THE ROD & SPOIL GRANDCHILDREN kind. i noe fr aloy HAPPIE, JUDEGAL at last "scared of someone". he looks like sum discipline master.......but since 1981 been very close to Ex-Pope. dun pray2, head of cardinals kind of thingy.........can speak 10 languages.

anyway Holy Gal u wait till sumone comes to u at 8plus in the am when u wan to finish paperwork in ofce and toks to u abt God.............she been trying to strike conversation - Evanglise i mean. sooner or later i going tell her i am going to the INDIAN TEMPLE very near SARCED HEART CHURCH(near my ofce).

wat "Rat" Deprived of Sleep i am THE ONE deprived of sleep. Old men no need so much sleep wan. of coz he deprived of sleep lah 24 hours "playing with smoke". heehee.........

Euporeans sibeh free nothing to do zit, they can juz drop watever they do and run to the ST PETER SQUARE, when they heard bells ringg.

Wow, Holy Gal u make up yr own prayer, fr aloy be proud of u.

Jude Gal said...

Pse grant ME Patience with people surrounding me.

Wat does a SYSTEM ANALYST Does?
One who analyse systems - My new collegue the one who's irrating me about her NEW AGE Church, claims to be EX IT Manager - her answer (How to keep up with IT Trends), i eat sleep fight quarrel suan with an IT Professional day in out........ couldn't tehan the answer. damn suai zis am, was on way back to ofce get my morning fix frm coffestall, she muz walk past me..........going buy bfast oso. complaining "i can't lock in -computer" u say u ex IT mgr b4, helo do u noe y u can't lock in EVERY OTHER DAY Helo u are using my USER-PASSWORD to lock in how the hell to lock in???
Every am complaining......dun noe complaining for wat, hahaha !!! nevermind tat always tink she can use computer 1st but in the end i use 1st coz my password wat.

juz wanted share wat a system analyst does? ANAYLSE SYSTEMS.

tink i have to read up on Church History - fr aloy dun worry i got my own txbks which i used to use but u noe sure KNOCKOUT damn boring.........while i do my work on computer, she keep toking to me about "Not being saved - her church teachings"......u muz accept jesus. St jude on my desk asked me who's tat, i say MY DARLING.........i kiss my st jude photoframe on/off summore she can't tehan. i bochap. typical membership drive. fr aloy i was pretti naugti zis am, i told her "i going temple soon". she stared at me dun noe wat to say.
she kaypoh asked me abt parents and siblings i say all go CATHOLIC CHURCH. True nativty church, mum IHM & SAC - mum side all catholics........she can try harder.
staying so near nativity i tink so many yrs she would have heard those stories of the monkey god or sea god or watever can't pass thrgh mther mary muz offer coconuts.........
irriate me summore ask her go CATHOLIC SPIRITUAL CENTRE to find the SECULARSATION Priest. fr aloy heehee........who huh?

she can preach till "RATS" come home i oso can't be bothered. when u extremist even collegues are scared - nonchristians. they say how to communicate open her mouth oni GOD............there are collegues who go temple 1st and 15th oso........we respect, i go for my CPS mass on weds they oso respect they noe i dun lunch with em'. i got DATE..........appt.

but one thing she can't figure out y i MIGRANT. heehee........

Jude Gal said...

Fr Aloy shares the SAME ORDINATION DATE with "Rat". juz realised when i saw the pix card.

2day a/f mass got uncles & aunties complain to "laosan" not enuf CN going around............helo i oni took 1 copy everytime i finish readg i pass to collegues in ofce coz in OLPS they need to PAY for it.HFC oso got collection to refray costs.

Fr Aloy Thks but sibeh i very shy. Dun keep smiling at me ok. i feeling more terok.

Juz pray for the IRRIATING ONES in Ofice. yestday went for ENT CHECKUP - a/f xray last wk, cme back 1plus coz had 2 wait at clinic & u noe a/f scope i nauseatg........knew i earliest be back in ofce 1plus mgr at course i sms her to tell her be late. new collegue actually noe her frm excompany i noe she kaypoh waitg 2 carry tales, i cme back 1plus, asked me y so late? i noe when not to eat snake - cover my ass.......seniors sales team were concerned coz they noe i can be with my clients till i losing voice - nose runng..........eyes tearg, they concerned how yr sinsus - results, u ate??? doc asked me u wan MC to REST, was like no lah...........go back ofce. i gve up on these pple..........Grant me PATIENCE WITH THEM LORD...........

Jude Gal said...

asked the IT Professional at HOME wat a system analyst does?

"Sumthing to do with facts & figures". i dun really quite understand but least makes more sense then one who analyse systems.

was joking with fr tou juz now around 9pm went adoration walked past fr house coz fren wanted bless a medal, i asked fr tou in chnese can u bless or not? fr tou teased me "where's yr faith?" - should have been Can U bless? of coz i will bless medal.......then i told fr tou u noe my chnese terok, then fr tou ntely walks i told him for yr age to walk very good he say u young pple should be able to walk faster than me. i wanted to tell him u walk round and round in carpark sibeh boring, my exercise more interesting....not oni exercise legs, eyes, hands......arms. wat u tinkg of??? Shoppng lah !!!

Lin said...

Hi Fr Aloy. Impressive blog .. I hope and pray that with Benedict XVI, there will be a 'revival' of sacred tradition and scripture in the Church, afterall, they are our 2 main pillars. btw, as entertaining as you are Jude_gal, why don't you write your own blog? Seems like you need to vent alot too :)

Jude Gal said...

Depends on my MOOD lor - Lin


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