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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Yin1 Fu4 ji2 Zi2 ji2 Sheng4 shen2 zhi1 ming2

Celebrating the Mandarin Mass this evening.

That means whatever time left remaining before 8.00 p.m. today, I shall have to psyche myself up once again to face a congregation that have accepted my presence and 'broken' Mandarin for the 9th Eucharistic celebration with them. Mandarin has never been my first language and the hanyu pinyin way to celebrate this Mass certainly restricts my usual capabilities and expression that I would put in for the English ones.

Nonetheless, these series of celebrations, among other occasions, e.g. weddings; funerals; baptisms, etc., have allowed myself to expand and grow with some measure of confidence in fulfiling my ministry of showing the face of God to the people.

Albeit, it has much room for improvement but already it is encouraging to see that the purpose and meaning of it all bring about goodness to all who come in touch with this spiritual reality.

One 'favourable' part of celebrating this particular Mass, though, is that I get to do it only once a month... *grin*


Jude Gal said...

Wow so CHIAM yr CHINNA..........

I have to RUSH OUT FOR LUNCH see u later. Be good

Anonymous said...

Congrats to HOLY DRUMMER & Godma - Confirmation.

Thk You Fr Aloysius - the color of smoke black or white will depend on my SINSUS (Chimney)..............See what i smell lor.

Thk You Fr Ong for 'being cool' tellg me leave it to 2mw as if u telling me 2day's enuf problems things to handle Y worry abt 2mw.......but it's tough. or maybe u noe i am WORRIED.

Ok call it a day with heehee.........MATRIX PILLS.

Anonymous said...

Newpaper today's edition - Fr E.vaz, Sis T.Seow, Ms Wendy Louis being interviewed WHAT KIND OF POPE DO YOU WANT?

Fr Vaz Stressed tat it was his own thoughts not church church dogmas still have to be there followed but at the same time related to modern society.

Sis T.Seow said like to allow lay persons - women to be recognised.

as usual the question fr aloysius abt WOMEN PRIESTS being brought up.

Singaporeans also want a POPE who can travel so if POPE in 70s quite difficult, they say best age 60s.

The ending of article in the end it's GOD CHOICE.

In the office non catholics majority are toking about CASINO, they do not understand White Smoke vs Black Smoke cause they do not follow closely about the after effects of death of John Paul.......

BTW to the person who SMS this afternoon "Naughty people will be called to Priesthood" i believe in that, i have seen tat with my own eyes BUT "Spoiltbrats will oso be called to Priesthood". wat theory is that? From where?

Thank You Fr Aloysius for you know wat. everything is fine but only thing i have to do is to keep it "under control" if not i have to go under the surgeon's knife.
The smoke frm ROME I be able to smell from where i am.

Jude Gal said...

As usual i am very stone on the way to work i am in my own world esp mornings. i met a friend on the bus to interchange and on the bus she got excited she was screaming "Fr Richs......." I was like wat? Where? she was so excited she told me look on the screen - channelnewsasia - LIVE around 750am. The 25% effect was on Fr Richs and he was wearing all black with collar and specs. I was like??? My friend got all excited i was woken up from my sleep. i think the whole bus looked at her i believe there were catholics on the bus. Typical Conclave questions.............

Anonymous said...

White Smoke a little applause followed by Black Smoke (Sigh............)

Anonymous said...

We confirm having a new pope!


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