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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Right Stuff

Why I think we have the right kind of pontiff...

Cardinal Ratzinger has been known as "cardinal no" for some of his positions on women in the clergy, homosexuality and contraception. Do you think the Church should have chosen a more moderate Pope?

Glendon: Cardinal Ratzinger's primary responsibility for many years has been to protect and defend the precious deposit of the faith. Even though some of these doctrines are hard to follow at times, few Catholics really want the Church to "dumb down" her teachings to the level of a permissive society. A Boston radio talk-show host -- well known for his irreverent attitudes -- has defended the choice of Cardinal Ratzinger this way: "Look, I'm a bad Catholic and I know it. But a Pope has to stand for something, and even I don't want a Pope saying the things I believe in."
(full details of interview of Mary Ann Glendon here)


Nat said...

Good One Fr.!

BetterNotSayOtherwiseGetExcommunicated said...

Having women in the clergy is equivalent to "having a permissive society"?? Dumbing down the teaching of the Church? WHO IS the Church? Only men? If I'm not wrong, I think it was only from the time of Augustine that the Church recommended only men as priests.

Putting "women in the clergy" in the same breath/sentence as homosexuality and contraception is like saying "priests and pedophilia".

I think women in the clergy should be considered seriously. There is no valid doctrinal or moral reason to say that it cannot be so.


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