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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Living Rightly, Dying Rightly

Pope nearing death, Vatican officials say
Tens of thousands turn out, pray as pontiff deteriorates

That's the headline that currently captures the public's eye as I sit here by the window musing on what will happen next. CNN is showing live coverage on the status of our Holy Father's deteriorating condition from Vatican and from the reports that are coming out from there, it is outstanding to note that John Paul II is showing the way to the world how to die with dignity. he has already shown us, Catholics around the world, how to live rightly now he takes the lead to teach us how to die rightly. It is as if this is happening to temper the recent Terri Schiavo's case that caused quite a controversy in the States recently.

John Paul II has contributed greatly to inspiring millions, especially young people, in inviting them to know God in their lives. Now as we pray with all other people in the world as our Holy Father makes that next step of his journey to the Lord's home, we also thank the God, creator of all that is good and pure for the great gift He has bestowed to us in the gem of a person and Pope - John Paul II or as he is known originally - Karol Wojtyla.

Getting mixed feelings now. I have a homily to finish as I am preaching this weekend and there is a wedding to celebrate in about an hours time! Meanwhile, it started raining about half an hour ago. It is cold and windy now and there are no signs of the rains ever stopping, for now...

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Jude Gal said...

2day's Sunday Times no choice by time printed POPE was still alive.

i receved sms 411am frm STATES - Pope had died.......a/f tat i couldn't sleep till 6plus in am. NO REACTION FRM OPP leh - SAC, even bells are ringing as per normal. 4plus told mei2, she went wat time europe now?

Around 4plus crawled out bed and went to on tv channelnewsasia - POPE IS DEAD........can't it be Pope has passed away...........

juz heard 9 days of traditional mourning wout a leader for catholic church - "No Boss" so all out of jobs !!! channelnewasia.

i wan to go back and oink2..........muz thk Fr Aloy and Bro Chris for "preparing" me for Holy Fr's death yestday.least sms cme in 4plus was a bit shocking, rosary on my bed - wore it and went to on tv in living rm. it was quite sad to hear he was gravely sick past 2 days.........but the way 2 of them fr aloy and bro chris put it it's like they accepted it as it comes kind of thingy. i was like lying in bed for 2 over hours aloy now u understand.......Good AM!!!


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