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Thursday, March 31, 2005

You Are What You Eat

Food Faces

Here's what you'll get on a plate when the 28'ers go to town for a meal. We met and went out for dinner on the 28 March - what else?...

We met up and painted the town red with a visit to Sizzlers for dinner. After our last outing to Geylang, we felt we can take on any food outlet and environment. So, the Suntec setting wasn't too much of a problem. In the aftermath of a bountiful dinner with steak and the salad bar opened to our hearts desire, and wondering whether to continue with coffee there, the food faces came about as a work of culinary art. It will never win any chef's award, for sure, but they sure took our fancy. Mine at least, as I was the culprit in all the faces. My companions shook their heads and tut-tutted at my brave attempt to discount all mothers' wrath when they would say to their children: don't play with your food!!

The ingredients: two pieces of salami, two fries and used/chewed pork rind.

Bon apetit!


*s*haron said...

someone has some very serious growing up to do... *narrows eyes*

Anonymous said...

Someone is so disgusting - Disgrace to HFC.

Fr Terence today said at CPS - has adopted DAM in kenya USD 50K and someone here is playing with food.

Jude Gal said...

juz read Channelnewsasia, so sad - my tears feel like flowing.......IF Holy Father is "suffering" then i tink, been reading abt last rites gven, "coma"........sum of u might say not the time yet, dun noe lah, juz feel sad for him - suffering.

Anonymous said...

Doing this when the quake victims and people in other parts of the world could probably do with some food to deal with their hunger.

Aloysius said...

certainly no excuse for what I did.

However, I consumed those items, except the fatty rind, and did not leave them on the plate as leftover...

That was a moment snapshot of frivolity that opens itself to all kinds of interpretation, of which you said your piece.

Jude Gal said...

Didn't yr MUMMIE teach u "Son, DO NOT PLAY WITH FOOD?"

audrey said...

talk about artistic flare along with food-ly humour !

whahahahah. :D

nice going padre!


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