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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Servant Returns Home

Pope John Paul II

1920 - 2005
We mourn the loss of a courageous man, a dedicated priest and a wise and holy pontiff. May he rest in peace.

and fittingly put as over here...


Jude Gal said...

I will pass you 2day's NEWPAPER abt CATARACT Operations the RISKS involved.

Wow, u went through a lot huh??? better than me lah, scope used to cry.........for ENT.

Anonymous said...

About Pope's last words "Amen", Newpaper 2day's edition had his doctor saying "Amen" was not his/might not have been his last words. Vatican is not clarifying also. So "Amen" might not have been Pope's LAST WORDS - Drummer this is for you.

Many in the crowds are crying because they will not be able to file across the POPE, the gates have been closed for the faithful to pay their last respects.A lot are crying angry. Clinton would have a lot on his mind if you see 2day's Newpaper with George Bush, Rice etc. maybe Clinton was thinking "Do you think the next Pope can tolerate my confession?" not mistaken Clinton is Baptist by the way. Just making fun of Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Saw you on TV BUT if we follow the 20 - 25% "You look bigger theory on TV" it was ok on you but someone else looked BIGGER with his height and built. (The part where 2 by 2 frs walked in and bowed at altar).

Hope that the DAY WILL PASSBY Quickly to2day in the office.

*Drink Lourdes Water* it helps. The REAL LOURDES WATER FRM FRANCE.

Anonymous said...

Heard the Funeral Bells just now, Sarced Heart Church very soft and timing not accurate. 405pm then the church bell rang, i went downstairs to buy TEA heard the bells.

Was thinking about SPP & CSP side the bells ringing together it would have been very loud and SJC nearby.

Starwars in States people are queueing up for tickets........Newpaper Today's


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