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Monday, January 31, 2005

28er's and the Lip

Lip Service!

Took this when passing by Geylang on our way to supper yesterday evening.

It was the 28er's night out and we decided to check out the eating stalls over at Geylang Lorong 9 for some 'world class' teochew porridge. We found what we went there for - the porridge, that is (what were you thinking of, huh?)!, and I had two bowls of porrudge with a spread of veg, meat and other seasoning that was incredibly good and satisfying to end an evening of dinner with. Then we had a shot of tau huay over at another stall about a block away from where we had our dinner/supper. That was when this shot was taken as we cruised over there.

As for the 28er's, we are like minded men and women who meet up every 28th day if the month to celebrate for having survived the month and to gear up for the following. Some months, however, are not possible to meet up on that date so we have to settle for another date like this one.

Meanwhile, it was a good experience to walk down that... ahem!... wild side to see the other side of life.


Anonymous said...

Father! Add a tagboard or chatterbox to your site!

Aloysius said...

like, where can I get a proper one without too much of a hassle and do not clog up the blog? *grin*

*s*haron said...


Anonymous said...

Or :)

Oh ya, realized I never bothered to leave my name while posting as anonymous for the few 2 messages. Elizabeth here.

Holy Drummer said...

Is it the same Elizabeth who tagged on my blog?

Pardon me, but which Elizabeth then?

Anonymous said...

Yep! The same Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya Father, forgot to mention about this movie Dogma:

I believe as a priest you'ld be most interested in what the director called a parody of theological issues. :)


Anonymous said...

welcome elizabeth!


Aloysius said...

btw, which is better - flooble or tagboard?

Anonymous said...

Personally flooble gives me less problems. Less of that server unreliability.


echo base said...
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echo base said...
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