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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Walking Down the Blind Side

A funny thing happened today while I was still in my rest period on MC and away from the parish.

Decided to stay the weekend at my godmother's place and enjoy a different setting for a while away from the usual hustle and bustle of Holy Family. This morning as I was preparing to go for the morning Mass at St Mary's together with my godmother, I had a problem with getting my contact lense onto my right eye. Try as I might, it just doesn't want to stay where it was supposed to. The past attempts didn't raise too much of a problem. Not this morning, though! Nothing I did could coax that blooming lense into my right eye. So, in the end I went half-blind to the Mass. I just joined in the congregation and enjoyed Mass that way from beginning to end.

Before that, as I was walking into the church, I bumped into Friar Joe Nathan and told him about my eye-operation and how I am now half blinded. He laughed and said it's not surprising that today's gospel reading may be suitable for me to consider: the man born blind and cured by Jesus. I spend the rest of the day in a 'blind' state to see myself just how fortunate people (and myself) with sight can be and how often we take all this for granted. It is rather uncomfortable to focus properly when the gap of vision between my two eyes are too wide. The blurriness mixes with the clarity causing confusion and discomfort!

Today's episode in walking the blind side is a bittersweet lesson in humility and trust in God that is always around the corner for any believer who wants to walk in the light of Christ.

Oh, I broke with my intention to stop blogging till after this Wednesday. So, sue me! ;)


Holy Drummer said...
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Holy Drummer said...

You din follow our Lord's remedy lah -

Remember Jesus administered His Divine 'Paste' to the blind man *(then He told him to wash it off in some particular river)...

So go source for the 'Paste' first , and voila~!

(Mine looks very potent, if you would just ask politely) ;)


*s*haron said...
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*s*haron said...
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*s*haron said...

Indeed, humility and trust in God!

"And I will lead the BLINDin a way they know not;
in paths that they have not known
I will guide them.
I will turn the darkness before them into light,
the rough places into level ground."

- Is 42:16
(Morning Prayer of Psalter, Week 4 Monday)


Anonymous said...

i was tinkg of U as BLIND MAN when attended mass at SAC. quite funnie.......coz the readings juz suited u lor - "Old Man". like u used to "complain can't see then now can see........" have u got over yr BAD HABIT of rubbing yr eyes?

Young Minstrel said... lactose-intolerant lah (not to mention parent-intolerant, customer-intolerant, people-want-to-zao-dui-with-me-intolerant, pretending-to-b-friendly-but-turned-out-to-be-(i will omit)-intolerant

i am tired, very tired

Anonymous said...


My "Challenge" was completed in BED, i oni opened my eyes at 608am. not enuf time to get ready for mass went back oink2. still groggy becoz of "sleeping pill". nevermind still got 1240pm hyatt or 7/8pm masss wat.

Ya, i am going to do my "7 statons" now. SENGKANG TO DHBG MRT. come home another 7 lor, counted.


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