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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bionic Man (aka dream long, long...)

Had my first eye operation for cataract yesterday. Everything went well and now I can claim to have my first 'bionic lense implant'. Am now on M.C. for about a week. So, no blogging for a while till after next Wednesday (as if I had been blogging every day...).

Till the next one, keep smiling and don't be naughty!
* is it Ides of March yet? *


Anonymous said...

Get well soon!
40 is kind of young for cataracts though....

Anonymous said...

Like Ah PEK, Ah Gong/Ma leh......

helo, u are supposed to be on MC.....Wat u doing in here?

u SICK how to be NAUGHTI??? have to adjust to NEW LENS, can't eat zis & tat (seafood etc) doesn't affect u oso lah. can't go blading.........dun say i never tell u yr RING MOVIE sunday & monday - 730PM shown but u MC u noe........u can't strain EYES u noe.........

fr aloy u noe at trinity, we were tokg abt yr op kind of thingy & i told u friday "my turn - scope" u noe wat i meant, u "suaning" me there as usual, there was this AUNTIE happend to walk past she was taken aback when i said to u "ya lah, i noe wat u meant
lah, when u mentioned to me MC - 1 wk, coz u noe i sick oso in ofce wan.....till wan to DIE then crawl hme RIP". u should ve seen auntie's reaction. heehee.....she dun noe wat we toking abt. esp when i said yr turn 2mw my turn friday.........

Let me be NAUGTI ON YR BEHALF lah.......but CANNOT LAH, later BOTAK WORDS, u noe wat i mean lah.

couldn't imagine the doc implant lense kind of thingy. but very touching through wat u went through, yr 3 FRS now PAMPERING U rite??? of coz i noe lah.......not jealous of u AH PEK, dun worry u need the PAMPERING u SICK WAT. heehee........


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