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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh, Chinatown! (part IV)

And That's That!

And it was a day out of interesting sights and sounds of all things Chinese where the old clashed with the new, the eclectic with the traditional, and most all, a walk down memory lane to a place that once thought me life is full of mystery and intriguing offerings which you can't appreciate all of it at one go...


Anonymous said...

You NOT CHINESE is it??? The way u blogging abt wat you saw in CHINATOWN? i getting bored lah, nothing.
Forgot you Malayu type.

Sorry cannot EAT FISH coz of INDIAN OCEAN's Natural Disaster so the YEAR YEAR GOT FISH, take back my greetings for you. Tink for u another one later. since i SO FREE 2DAY, not like u always "Expensive". heehee........

a fren is going to PHUKET TO SUNTAN in March, any takers? cheap tickets but airport taxes so ex, total abt $100 with per air ticket. mei2 told me her darling who was assistng a/f the natural disaster told her all his kent ridge hall tshirts tat were used doing his 10 day volunteer work had to be BURNT DAILY coz of the smell - dead bodies tat he worked with. he asked mei2 to share with him her tshirts coz got remembrance value - they played and stayed 2gether in HALL. till now mei2 still can't figure out wat did he do there for 10 days - lovers tiff days over we thought but he wans to go back there again and they started their nonsense again - she wans him back in spore not Phuket. his exbungalow was swept away. My daddy kept smiling to himself he of coz noe it's lovers tiff, the rate they screaming at each other on phone, sms.........a/f the accident. but every1 acted blur at home coz mei2 was so stressed he was assisting in phuket. She refuse to go back to phuket she wan to go EUROPE...........nevermind they can fight it out. u noe when u love sum1 u tend to scold or fight more often, both of them now like tat or NAG.........


my lunch bell is's 12pm, i noe lah it's the angelus bell. later dner bell.

Jude Gal said...

Collegue taught me 3 words 2day 'Cow-Car-Water'. They been trying to get me to 'Cow-Car-Water'(Translate to Teochew or Hokkein yrself) to soak in the atmosphere or more like it SWEAT (Yucks). Go Taka oso the same but got AIRCON. heard more ex in Taka than 'Cow-Car-Water'.

didn't do much 2day energy, dun feel like.


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