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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh, Chinatown! (part III)

Candid People

And the characters that abound there... as colorful and bright as their surroundings and whatever they were selling. There was this Turkish (I think) ice-cream man, the regal Chinese emperor (or some famous character form the Chinese literature), the erhu player and someone who can't figure out whether it was a bargain to buy...


Anonymous said...

Your regal Chinese emperor is really Cai2 Shen2 (God of Fortune). *roll eyes*

Anonymous said...

u sure its not bao gong after a michael jackson facelift?

Aloysius said...

OK, so I need to brush up on Chinese Lit 101...

Jude Gal said...

U dun even noe CaiShengYe??? U worse than me, i just finished celebrating THAIPUSAM, Helo...........hahaha.........No Thks for Chinatown, so crowded, heard tat wkdays not so bad but friday ntes onwards forget abt it. I stick to my NORMAL EXERCISE. anyway can't exercise now oso.

U dun make fun of those auspious characters, fr aloy u noe wat's the best for u "NIAN NIAN YOU YU" - YEAR YEAR GOT FISH !!! who ask u dun like to eat MEOW2 Food??? heehee...........Brain Food.

Be careful of PICKPOCKETS !!!


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