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Sunday, January 16, 2005


As I write this, Singapore has already won the Tiger Cup by beating Indonesia 2 - 1.

On the topic of football, there is this discussion about the drink called Milo and why its code name among coffeeshop regulars in Hokkien, when one orders the drink, means football. My take on this is that, it has a drawn picture of a footballer kicking a ball splashed all over the tin. But this doesn't square with another educated opinion that there are pictures of other sports action, i.e. tennis and swimming on other Milo tins. So why 'football' and not the rest? My answer to this is that football has a wider iconic preference and is more well known among coffeshop patrons and owners as compared to other sports.

The fact that the sacristian was hoping that the church could be cleared quickly after the 6.00 p.m. mass this evening so that he could go back and catch the Tiger Cup match at 7.30 p.m. is a testimony to this. I don't see him rushing off with similar fervour and urgency for any tennis matches even if they have Kournikova there!

At any rate, it seems that the sombreness of the recent natural disaster seems to have petered off as it is getting back to business as usual. Even the rescue and relief operations which Singapore partook in is almost coming to an end. Have we learned anything from all this? I can only pray that we never take things for granted too much from now on.


Jude Gal said...

U damn HOKKEIN.......

Yup, We won, with goal difference even b4 the start of match. 2day the players even KITMAN sleeping it off, heehee.......(spoke to one of my clients lah). the kitman is the UNCLE WITH ALL WHITE HAIR & WHITE MOSTACHE who was on TV 2 mins b4 fulltime comforting Aide.

The soccer faternity is a very small knitted community every1 noes everybody, Game for S-League tickets??? anytime lah..........i rather stick to my darlings of EUROPE.

Jude Gal said...


Patong Beach has BEEN CLEANSED BY Buddhist Monks.

Source: ChannelNEWSAsia

sousuke said...

The fact is that soccer is the most popular game in the word as thats why people assoicate milo with soccer.

But in Singapore, its more like, if theres betting there would be porpularity. Why do you think people crowd around coffeeshops just to catch a live match? They do not support teams, they just put money on them and they are watching how their "investment" has faired.

Anonymous said...

In no relation to your post, but what gave you the courage to answer your calling?


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