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Saturday, January 01, 2005

I Am Not Afraid!

ni3 yao4 le4 suo2 wo3. wo3 bu2 pa4!

These were the words that greeted me as I crossed into the New Year of 2005. That's because I went with some Art Ministry friends to watch a movie by Stephen Chow entitled Kung Fu Hustle for the midnight screening at Tampines Mall. That was the second time I went to watch it and some may wonder why in heavens name would I want to watch a Stephen Chow movie twice?!! (some may wonder why I even bother to watch a Stephen Chow movie!)

For those who are not familiar with the hanyu pinyin above it means "You want to blackmail me. I am not afraid!"

I needed to get out of my system the past events that had haunted my psyche and well-being and be able to laugh long and hard just for the heck of it. I don't want to be blackmailed all the time by the harsh realities of sufferings and sorrow that paint a bleak picture of life. I refuse to be afraid as if life has nothing else offer but death and tragedy. I refuse to accept that the good always gets the raw end of the deal (even if it seems that way).

That movie did it for me.

Certainly it has no underlying Christian message or value and nothing presented there that are refreshingly new or profound. It simply wants to entertain and in the best way it knows how: humour and slapstick. That was what I needed, to rid the melancholy that clung to me like burrs that attach themselves to fur or clothing of passing animals or people.

I wouldn't recommend this movie to all. But if you have don't mind being braindead for a couple of hours and just soak in the mindless fun it offers, it is ticket money well spent. Happy and Blessed New Year my friends!


Jude Gal said...

Your Huayi IMPROVED huh???

Well, to tat SUM1 who is feeling BuahSiong, am Sorrie to say i dun feel anything for MY PARISH. ONI my alarm clock on sundays.

Thk U oso Fr Pat New Yr Day's Mass .........."Holy Darkness" song for the victims of Tidal Wave. was feeling like Ya, very dark but i noe sumwhere outthere got aloy's homily 2day abt GOD IS WITH US - Emmanuel, He is our LIGHT, ok, i got my answer. heehee.........Thk U Fr Aloy.

Overheard mei2 no more shouting matches with her fren over hp/msn. she been 'begging' him to come back to help out either at RedCross or SPH. but he is staying put in phuket to assist. i suppose coz he can speak thai - worked in phuket over 1 yr and he is with our local airline, he is assisting sporeans there now. all my mei2 can do is wait for his calls daily.........Pse pray for him.

and oso Thk U for spendg tat few minutes with me, mass helped a lot this evening, tearing a bit, PRAYING FOR THE SOULS OF THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED. now u understand wat was going through my mind past 1 wk........

Yr SMILE means A LOT, u noe.............u noe wat i mean lah.

Jude Gal said...

Thk U Fr Aloy - I can SLEEP Better 2nte. No more fighting back TEARS.

May the Faithful Departed Souls Rest In Peace.

Jude Gal said...

Fr Aloy, Praying for U 2mw as u celebrate the funeral mass at 230pm. Be Strong ok, am going back to work 2mw but as i do my work in ofce i will pray for Estelle's family and U. She's a little angel in heaven now.

In MOMENTS like this...........I lift up my voice.

Jude Gal said...

Pse read yr EMAIL, Sum1 might need U, not me lah !!!

Young Minstrel said...

Kungfu Hustle, die laughing!! worth my Sunday tix!!! rather if it's in Cantonese, released in Malaysia, funnier

Anonymous said...

Hello Father,

I'm really glad you enjoyed Kungfu Hustle though you aren't a Stephen Chow fan and contrary to popular belief, Stephen Chow's shows are not only slapstick without substance. If you have gone through all his previous movies there are nuggets of gold sprinkled throughout each show, speaking of virtue and honour. Nothing that hasn't been taught via other traditional methods, but everyone knows you learn best while you're having fun. :)

Was pleasantly surprised to find your blog while surfing for information on bible study courses. I think more priests should be doing this, proves that the church isn't all old and obtuse. :) Will be keeping an eye on your blog!


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