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Monday, January 24, 2005

Memories and the Call

Memories can be painful,
To forget may be a blessing.
All the sadness one can bear,
Down the river everywhere.
Kung Fu Hustle

I know, I know! I should be excoriated for bringing this back again but the opportunity was too good to let it pass by just like that! Like that opportunity to get the VCD of "Kung Fu Hustle", of which I am now a proud owner of. And that I finally get to utter those 'words of wisdom' which I was desperately trying to remember from the movie. The last challenge now is to say that in Cantonese or Mandarin!

As for the courage to answer my call to the priesthood, as someone wanted to know, it wasn't easy but for that time, it was the fitting and right thing to do and I followed my heart even though my head was still dithering, despite all the necessary indications given. The memories of those earlier stage of discernment weren't painful but, rather, gave a serene and strikingly crisp sense of inner peace that cannot be understood with just the intellect. At the end of it all, no guarantees were given except that if I was to follow this through, it would be an adventure of a lifetime. What an adventure it has been since then!...


Anonymous said...

Hope this is not too a personal question.

At what point of your life did you start feeling compelled to embrace priesthood?

Anonymous said...

Hi Father,

I've actually been visiting ur blog rather often and i just wanted to say that reading ur blog helps clear the dark clouds a little.. esp when Life get's a tad trying and frustrating.

Frm all the way here in Brisbane! Hope to be back real soon.

-Mildred- (if u still remember me? hehe..)

Anonymous said...


Well, as u said b4 it's a "different stage" NOW, Yes the PAST do sumtimes HURT but Present oso hurts. ok lah, dun noe how to xplain but true sumtimes when u just go and do watever u need to do then PEACE FLOWS LIKE A RIVER. like time to come back to Fr's house u will noe how to find yr way back.........might have to go through a maze. is rather u wan to get out of the maze or not??? or u wan to be stuck in there, rite - TO THE OWNER OF ZIS BLOG??? like 2day's thaipusam, the weather was quite hot and devotees were still carrying their kavi's (bodies poked with needles) and milk (pots) above their heads, to thank their GOD for answering their prayers last yr. it's like our THKSGIVING TO OUR LADY when she answers/intercedes for us oso. but of coz we thk her by gettg flowers candles etc.

Novena bklet there's a prayer "To Trust HIM even in Times of Difficulty".

Ok be good, Had a long day at work. not like sum pple OFFDAY.

Jude Gal said...

juz cme back frm work, typing & eating dner.

Met excollegue NEL Line 2day, told me a "Certain Church" has "brainwashed" his niece, who's around 21 yrs old. and she supposed to be furthering studies. instead she went for a 10 mth bible course. Put me there ya, i be SNORING at every class. Every other day in church. her uncle my excollegue was asked to advise her by her mum - coz everytme mum & daughter will end up quarrelling. so her family felt tat if u dun wan to work least go find a job. if not who's gona support u, Yr Church??? Family nonchristians they have reached a stage they dun mind she being a christian but least go back to school or find a job lah. i believe born-again christians are very devouted/converted kind. can quote bible in out. Family dun mind maybe 1 wk once like say sunday or wat, spend time with church frens not every other day. her pocket money how??? she's not even working for the church. she doesn't wan to listen to anyone.

my collegue was sharing with me zis coz he asked me "u catholics are u guys like tat - EXTREMES?". I wanted tell him we the LAZIEST...........heehee..........

collegue asked me HOW? I say maybe a phrase she going through EMBRACE A NEW RELIGION and he even asked me yr catholic church can help or not??? i was like??? unless yr niece is willing to open up and see a priest frm our side. i myself dun wan to get involved these pple can leech u .........even excollegue told me "it's difficult to get out now" if u are BLIND INTO IT or u dun find the RITE PPLE who can assist in helping his niece to get out, suppse he's desperate to help his cousin.

Excollegue and my mei2 are actually colleuges and u noe wat he said he say yr sis he noe she believes in catholic faith but looking at her - she's not the xtreme type. i was like (in my heart) yes she believes but not attendg mass. he say tat's y he approached me to ask me abt how to go abt. aiyoh to me like sum RECRUITMENT DRIVE GOING ON - Quota to the church. anyway when mei2 was at NUS she kena frm zis group b4, she was "bailed" out with the assistance of HALL CATHOLICS AND HOLYCROSS Side. heehee........and sum1 in a way assisted in HFC oso lah, u go figure out lor. heehee.......mei2 was she went for 1 concert and they tracked her dwn in HALL - Hall CATHOLICS nice pple they spoke to the church grp on her behalf & told her she's one of them in HOLYCROSS - catholics even though she attends HFC.........actually i noe who are the YOUTH PRIESTS who noe how to handle such situations. it was scary the church grp pple even got sum1 frm same faculty to track her dwn and so rude -those pple kept calling my home phone to find her. Frm then onwards she say She CATHOLIC, MEI2 scared liao.

i rather not go to church if there's unpleasantness with family. i mean everytime niece and mum end up quarreling........yup sum might say she's standg up for her faith. a certain priest taught me b4 - was frm HFC b4 18mths oni go figure out, "Family or RCIA?" - Family was the answer. i skipped RCIA to be with my mum whole family was out of town and fr knew i am not close to mum - he created an opportunty for me to spend time with mum but ended up as he knew, she in living rm i bedrm she come in i go out kitchen. Heehee...Growing up stage Fr oso been there, done it......seen it. Who huh???

Just pray for the family of my excollegue lor........but i doubt niece will wan to see a priest.

Anonymous said...

At last the website is updated. Thks.

I am under the LOST BUT NOT YET FOUND CORNER lah, my 3rd week not been back to MY PARISH.

Ok good nte..........zzzz

Daniel said...

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