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Friday, September 17, 2004

Why Not Football?!

I didn't think that there would be much fuss about some 'young priests' playing football on their usual 3rd Thursday outing/recreation. You would think that priests don't play any game at all, least of all football! Well then, here is one reason why football can be an influence to anyone whether in cassock or not!

The field at the SFX Retreat Centre that morning was graced by several distinguished footballers that gave the game a name never ever experienced before! It was an epic challenge in a 4-a-side team play that saw several brilliant footwork and scoring moments that will bedazzle even Maradona himself. What made this all the more interesting was that, apart from the two teens who joined us for the game, the rest of us were hopelessly disproportionate in age, body mass and health. One was a little on the plump side. The other almost got blown away by the strong wind, while another recently survived death by heart attack - six times! Another would break out in a Bob Marley song 'No Woman, No Cry' everytime he misses a shot at the goalpost. The other two seems to be made for each other: he would hurl insults and verbal diarrhoe at the other and the other would take all these calmly knowing that he can get at him back in lessons at Latin (for the other teaches Latin). For the 6 priests who actually played on the field that morning, it was an exercise in wheezing and panting and the realisation that we have reached an age where we don't bother to count white hairs anymore!

Here was how we stacked against each other:
A little on the plump side, one who almost got blown away by the strong wind, the two who were made for each other versus 'No Woman, No Cry', death by heart attack and the two teens (altar boys who joined in the carnage!)

By the way the scoreline was 6 - 4 to my team's favour.

Now, you have a go at this game! Nowadays women are getting into the scene. So, what's really wrong with priests doing the same?


Holy Drummer said...

Guess who was 'almost blown away by the strong wind'! =D

And no, sorry. We Altar Servers just have that upper edge. =p

I reckon the 6 goals were a double hat-trick by the two Servers =p

Try harder Father... try re-enacting Fr. John Bosco - I heard he dribbled past each and every Altar Server in an underdog match when he was still in Holy Family, while reciting something. At his last word, he scored.

The secret?

"Our Father in Heaven..."

Anonymous said...

Z tries to blow Fr Aloy with a strong wind :P

Let me guess...the one tat can be blown away is Fr Alex...he is one of the smaller ones in the lot..

Death by heart attack? Fr Mike?

Any prizes for guessing the correct winner?

Jude Gal said...

Fr Aloy, May I ask U? - Who was the BALL? heehee, i learnt this very naugti statement frm sum1. he plays weekly till 2day, ever played with seminarians b4. u wan Spain, RM, Man U jeserys all got. no pblem for sum1 but sum1 else was panting away if not complain here ache there ache.....u go figure out or he was the u fill in blanks yrself, i couldn't stop laffing.

Fr Bosco's GOAL still stands 2day, the heart attack wan so obvious on the field. should ve a few "Man U" Priests as well. heehee........who was the Ref? all the "Uncles" playing Football.......plump one could be a few u noe. "Blown away by Wind?" who huh? U zit? or yr twin bro? the 2 servers "poor things" muz ve done all the running for u guys - frm midfield to defenders to l/r wings. hahaha..........strikers oso.

who say u can't play but u come back dun complain "here ache there bruise and wat nots?". heehee..........nevermind i heard an indian guy in hougang a few priests go there for "treatment" for accupture or soccer a/f treatment.

muz ve been very funnie seeing u "uncles" playing - "pushing each other" (more like), "spitting on the field", normal wat, "all the XYZ Words cme out not surprising". can't imagine if i had a day off & went SFX Centre sitting there seeing all these "uncles" playing. heehee......i be on my toes giggling away. Seeing 'Becky, Bunnie - Ronaldo, Owen - Baby, all playing'...........or maybe Raul oso.

got article say b4 those with heart pblems dun watch LIVE SOCCER MATCHES can get heart attacks wan. i lve staying up catching 2am matches. when my daddy will crawl out of bed Wat? u 4am still awake wat u doing??? heehee...........but mummie noe muz be RM's matches.

Jude Gal said...

Fr Alex where got "SMALL SIZE" one of the tallest, can play defender or goalkeeper like Frs Adrian Yeo, Erbin, Luke Fong oso can. but helo it was like 4 sided kind of soccer not the 22 kind. Fr Aloy play as wat? i tink the 2 servers were "punished" on the field, kena run all abt. heehee............dun noe whether play halfway got threatened each other or not? "I yr parish fr, u better pass me the ball". hahaha........or i yr Senior Priest, u better pass me the ball. Interesting if Robin Hoods against White Gowns. Robin Hoods will ve JPT, MDC all the tall ones to be defenders or goalkeepers.

Blown away by the Wind? who huh? who singing? the XYZ wan - no need to noe. actually if u watch closely on tv, can lipread wan. heehee.........i tink if i was there, fr aloy would have said, "u go adoration, we finish then call u". maybe English Vocab session going on the field. quite FUN actually. hahaha......

Bye for the Day.

Anonymous said...

Fr Stephen Yim likes soccer i tink...if u watched the video about his priestly vocation...u get wat i mean..

Fr Alex is tall lar (tat time Chrism Mass put Fr Aloy between Fr Alex and Fr Luke, Fr Aloy very jia lat)but Fr Alex quite skinny rite...? No?


Jude Gal said...

zis morning i heard the bell few tmes i tink THREE Times but i still continued my sleep. went bed past 2am. The bell tat woke me up was ard 1007am - saw my hp. went back oink2 till 11plus.

CONGRATS to a certain Mr Z.B. when i saw my hp at 1007am the thought of it cme into my mind. least one step ahead frm me. so Done it and Got over liao?

not sure abt Fr Alex, not seen him for ages. was toking to my hfc fren last nte & we said sumthing like "the last tme i saw him was on my birthday least 4 yrs ago" - confesn nte and he was teasing me abt going back to my regular confessr when there were so many frs around. tink 1x or 2x i hopby trinity for novena but didn't see him when he 1st got posted there. nowadays with NEL i dun go dwn tampines often. anyway my fren oso not met up with him abt 5 mths liao. we mgt pay him a visit but he also joker told us 'dun come sunday, so crowded' - for wat u come? anyway Fr Alex noes me by sight & if i mention "so & so" he will noe wan coz i believe it's part of VOCATION DISCERNMENT tat my fren has to be frank with his SD. u get wat i mean rite? i see anything wrong coz even though if i put any other person discerning with a fr, of coz the fr will be concerned who zis person mixes around with, any gfs or kind of stuffs he shares with him. I DUN ASK WAN, it's betwn his SD and him. Fr Alex doesn't tok to me he will start teasing me juz joking type wan lah coz he noes i always with 'his discpline'. used to asked me u cry if he goes in? - dun worry we will support u. nowadays if any1 ask me i will juz laff it off, if meant to be my hfc fren goes in go in big deal to me. "Grown up" frm this vocation thingy liao - toked to the Guy upthere, TRASHED IT OUT. Fr Aloy how nice if i can do the same like wat i going through now. How i trashed it out last tme nowadays can't anymore. dun noe Y? Fr Aloy will understand this "God or Slipper" of coz GOD WIN lah. aloy i dun noe whether i got share with u b4 few yrs back when it happend, my cousin noes yr SD pretty well in sense they were all classmates donkey yrs ago so my cousin wout my permissn went tell yr SD, yr SD asked my cousin to ask me to go in seminary and tok to him. i was like? i almost freaked out..........die oso won't go in. so nearby. then my cousin told him slipper is with sum1 in hfc. then yr SD say tat sum1 in hfc oso sits on vocation team but yr SD asked i tink cousin how old i was & i think yr SD said sumthing like "of coz slipper rather tok to THE ONE in HFC then tok to me" - of coz lah, fr aloy yr SD so much white hair. i oso scared of his homilies........his style. heehee..........nowadays i laff it off if any1 toks to me abt vocation becoz i remembered sum1 told me my situation was to be there with my fren tats all and see him through.

sousuke said...


Well it maybe a double hat-trick...of own goals???
Fr Aloy was not in the same team as the 2 servers. Anyway you should not look down on senior people, Mc Stammer did score 2 goals againts the younger servers in the last soccer match of the camp.

@Jude gal

Try playing a sports or do some really stranious excercise, it would hurt alot if you have not been excercising for a long time. Cut him some slack ok, watching football and playing it is totally different. Besides his team won. (unless it was really 6 own goals by the 2 altar servers)

Anonymous said...


Yups it's over and done with.

Slipper ah...some guy best ah...wear slipper at this event :PPPP

Jude Gal said...

JudeGal does her OWN EXERICSE her OWN WAY.

Fr Aloy, the other MOUSE very smart "autoroam, disappeared" liao, faster than me. i am too tired for anything else. 5 days 4 ntes kind of thingy, she has the CAR to herself, i got the FLAT to myself. nevermind i REST 2NTE then 2mw onwards. hahaha.........been havg LATE NTES PAST 2 DAYS.

Jude Gal said...

Back to doing "HOUSEWORK" MY PERSONAL MAID is out enjoying herself, later she come home she will start giving instructions wan. and if she GILA, she will gve INSTRUCTIONS IN BAHASA. heehee........i will tell her dun tink i dun understand but i juz can't respond to u.


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