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Friday, September 24, 2004

God's Time

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The series of readings for Mass this week is a very down-to-earth approach to life in the midst of the mundane and profane that we encounter daily. Yet, it points subtly to the need for us to practice the presence of God, and to practice this urgently!

As I was preparing my homily for today, I came across this line and was inspired to use it: "beauty replaces the beast when we let life happens in God's time, not ours." Indeed, humility is needed when we let go of our preferences and pride to allow the optimal window of opportunity for God to do his part. For many a moment of my life I have seen how things work out well despite my initial skeptical views on them. There were also graced moments where I realized that God with his hands brushed by leaving behind his will for me to pick up on: a woman wanting blessings for her in order to go through the vicissitudes of her life, cheering up a saddened friend, joining in with the youths in their dinner-cum-sharing on their recent Elijah's Mountain retreat, and yes, even 'wasting' my time with 'difficult' and 'exceptional' parishioners of Holy Family.

"... though he has permitted man to consider time in its wholeness, man cannot comprehend the work of God from beginning to end." (Eccle 3: 11)

All of these, in God's time.


Jude Gal said...

Happy PPC 2mw to One & All............have u guys realised, i was seeing a certain fr's cubes - calendar & realised it's 3mths to SANTA CLAUS !!!

2day's 2nd reading was meant for me. Fr Pat's homily - fr aloy, i managed to understand "abt lazarus, fr pat said in our society, we have the POOR but we norm avoid them dun want to have anything to do with them, we should not behave like tat anywhere, be it in church, workplace or society." the songs were very meaningful 2day - Psalm 23.

Fr Aloy, U WERE RITE, by gospel reading i had to "sitdwn" liao, physically tired........and oso "take zis all of u & eat it" i was sitting dwn liao. luckily was fr pat if 'sum other fr' would have kena scolding, y u sitting dwn??? i noe by rite should be standg - coz proclaiming gospel but u were rite lor.........Judegal needed to go OINK2...........How did u noe? u kept tellg me go OINK2 - Rest..........

Thk U Fr Aloy for the "discount" as well. heehee.......i noe u didn't "shoot me" 100% per cent juz now coz of "Certain circumstances" which u understand - wat i going thrg & oso to TAT SUM1 who kept checking on me last nte & zis am to make sure i OK, oso to make sure i went back to KATONG TOYSHOP, Thk U..........

Fr Aloy Judegal is going to SLEEP ALL SHE NEEDS then she will go do watever she suppose to do. i noe u assisting me FACE WAT I DUN DARE/LIKE TO FACE but i noe deep dwn it's betwn U (coz u rep Christ) and Me. Tough but i will do wat i suppse to do, but if u ask me now i really dun noe wat am i doing but i noe ONE FINE DAY I WILL UNDERSTAND & NEVER TO SHUT HIM OFF ........

Jude Gal said...

Thk U - EVIL Twin of Mine.........for being there last nte & 2day. heehee...........really for encouraging me to go back to MY PARISH, MY FATHER. really God's Provdence, nor Fate/Pre-destined, tat i didn't walk into SAC zis am if not i would have kena SHOCK OUT OF MY LIFE. (heehee) the end still back to MY PARISH,Huh? i really wanted to walk in around 9plus and sitinfront of altar but i was like? Go back ofce 1st would have been Weird if i cme back HFC in the am but i was like - no lah, God called me at 9am - CHURCH BELL RINGING, I ignored in the end still kena CALLED BACK past 12. Moral of Story "Never Play Chess with God"

Fr Aloy i learnt a new word 2day. Nor Fate, pre-destined. 2mw God will wake me up 3x, like the crow - traitor good friday betrayed...........kind of thingy.

Jude Gal said...

heard 2day's NEWPAPER abt a malay guy who was in a relationship his galfren was pregrant, his dad slapped him - DISGRACE TO FAMILY, Gal under 21 he wanted to marry but the gal's family didn't want the baby she went to a PRIVATE HOSPITAL to abort the baby.

Surprisely this malay guy went to CONFIDE IN A CATHOLIC PRIEST but of coz fr declined comments, referred him to Family Life & aLife. the cousellors were assisting him. Dr Peter Chew frm aLife oso commented sumthing like these cases they are not in a position to comment oso coz it's betwn doc and patient confidentality. juz felt tat zis guy mgt be a MALAY but he is so PRO-LIFE & went to see a CATHOLIC PRIEST.

Thks Sharonjie2 for yr invitation 2day, i slept till 5plus then wakeup. slept in whole day. a very good oink2 - fr aloy. juz now wanted walk over st anne's but instead went back to sleep. nevermind when the RITE TIME comes i will make my way.

Jude Gal said...

read in yestday NEWPAPER tat a Muslim guy wanted to keep his child but the gal's parents - the gal under 21 aborted...........he went to see Catholic Priest no names mentioned (Declined Comments) and referred him to aLife & FLS, Dr Peter Chew for aLife said tat it's confi betwn patient & doc. surprisely MUSLIM GUY WENT TO SEEK CATHOLIC PRIEST .............the muslim guy wanted to save the baby but her parents objected. abortion in private hosptial.

Jude Gal said...

my computer sumthing wrong, my IT Specialist - Owner of zis computer not back yet frm work.

ok early nte, long wk to go still............XIAN.............

Anonymous said...

Jude gal... i gather u've got nothing better to do... no offence, but each time i log on to read Fr Aloy's blog, at least 90% of the comments are from you. And they are really not comments, you're creating your parasite blog within Fr Aloy's. His comments page has somewhat become your diary. Please spare a thought for everyone else, for not all of us are interested in the life of Jude gal. A suggestion, get your own blog, blog in it regularly and have your friends comment. Sorry once again, but i really felt I had to say this!

sousuke said...

Hey Mr/Ms Anoymous (person posting above me)

I totally agree with you. Its espically hard to read the long comments on a 240 x 320 screen.

It would be better if she used proper english and not "irc english" when posting.


Anonymous said...

God bless.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


Anonymous said...

Anyway you get 2 blogs for the price of one...not a bad deal, yeah?

Z from SFX


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