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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Any Difference?

Today was World Day of Sanctification For Priests. Today also was the memoria of Our Lady of Sorrows. I think both these celebrations do go hand-in-hand for the (1)priesthood, already sullied by its various crisis and missteps in this vocation around the world and even here in Singapore, and the (2)tradition that our Lady is the spiritual Mother and guide of all priests.

Our celebration for the Sanctification of Priests was held at St Teresa's Church that began at 10.00 a.m. We had three different sharings from three priests that stood for the young (Fr Peter Zhang), middle (Fr Henry Siew) and elderly (Msgr Francis Lau) generation spanning across the spectrum of our presbyterium. We also had an address from the Archbishop before we had our Mass and followed by lunch, before we ended the gathering. All in all it was a pleasant affair, nothing out of the ordinary and also was the occasion for catching up with brother priests and for myself to take note that we of the young priests (in the ministry) group are supposed to have a round of football tomorrow morning at the SFX Retreat Center at 10.00 a.m.

So, after today's Sanctification, are we all necessary sanctified? That, perhaps, would be worked out in our respective ministries as we engaged ourselves with the people and the world at large. For me, personally, it has never been easy. Mine is a constant reminder that for things to work out in the favour of what the ministry and will of God entails, it means my own will and way have to be sacrificed most of the time.

This then takes me to the interesting debate about this item here. It may dubbed itself a boring post but I personally think it is anything but. It may be true that we need to nurture properly the gift of the vocation given and not to rashly subject it to the ways and wiles of the world. The crisis of the priesthood in recent years and hitting such lows lately with scandals that became fodder for the media to exploit, show that there is nothing guaranteed even with the confines of the seminary walls.

The best antidote here, for anyone - priesthood or otherwise, is probably that of knowing and owning up to our intentions in life and to be fully honest with what we want to do with it. The next step, of course, is to be totally commited to that and work hard to bring that goal to fruition. Our problem is that we are never fully honest and committed with our intentions. Like Luke Skywalker who couldn't extract his X-wing fighter from the swamp waters using the Force powers because, according to Yoda, he (Luke) can't believe he could. That's why he failed. So, too, for many of us.

However, we are offered limitless U-turns by our Lord. I suggest that we take them as often as we can and humbly ask the Lord for his help to utilise all the spiritual gifts given to us (Eph 1: 3) in such manner that we DO make a solid and telling difference in our lives and those whom we come in contact with.


Holy Drummer said...

Woah. Soccer?!

Back off people, your Shepherds are kickin' machines.

You guys - erm...priests deserve to be in Real Madrid.

For He says: "My disciples CAN play soccer~"

They say the best players are hidden.


Don't believe me? Pop by SFX Major Seminary and ask for 'Myanmar's Roberto Carlos & Ronaldo'=D

Jude Gal said...

Real Marid just lost to Bayer lah, Helo?

can imagine who played 2day - sfx centre? Fr Aloy, Luke,Alex, those who EXERCISE type, jog a lot type. heehee.......tat's more like "Street Soccer" the field at SFX Centre.

anyway feeling dwn 2day, want to CRYCRY oso can't cry, tat's worse then tears can flowdwn, my mass darling gve me an SMS - "Cheer Up". i was like ??? still have to sound CHEERFUL on the phone.

2day spoke to 2 guys kept "Stammering" on the phone.
i wanted to laff but had to control. i noe very bad of me but the last tme was in primary & secondary school my fren used to stammer and had to write a "special letter" for oral exams. least kept me "sane".

anyway i dun noe wat's making me BLOG zis but this afnoon the weather was so nice to OINK2, here am i in ofce, had a "shock", till now at hme oso still trying get over. u noe we go to Fr Aloy for advce when we need - he will tok to us differently, he handles us differently wan can say tailored-made for us. it's tough lor fr aloy when u gve advce THE TRUTH HURTS, u told me "now then u noe" kind of thingy........or sumthing like "u realised?" i noe fr aloy noes how much spolitbrat can take it - if not she kena chestpain it's gona be terok but actually at tat moment i dun feel anything but going hme to reflect tat's terok .heehee.......i dun noe y u ALWAYS RITE wan, can't blog wat happened but so weird it's like God was oso tellg me "Listen to Fr Aloy". Clue to Fr Aloy - wat u advse sum1 cme out true. how u noe? i really shocked zis afnoon. watever was said SHOCKED ME even more. never expect........

Spolitbrat really feels dwn. she always tells herself can't be dwn esp a/f wat she went through last yr. but thk god TGIF 2mw. maybe i need "sum exercise" cooloff.

Jude Gal said...

Fr Aloy, Lady Of Sorrow - "Spill over frm yestday". ok i juz thought of zis "Spolitbrat of Sorrow". heehee..........i wan to go watch SI liao, try to cheerup. Y am i feeling dwn? really dun noe. no one bullied me suan me.

Manny asked for her mummie liao. POOR GAL.

Anonymous said...

Fr Luke playing football...nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

If you say going gym and all that...I believe...

And you mentioned some very sensitive names ah Slipper...ahem ahem...

Jude Gal said...

Z darling, wat sensitive names? helo.......... i suppse regular exercisers. sorrie huh, last nte wout my "sleeping pill" oso knocked out. i can't tehan. very tired these few days when i tired my eyes red wan. by close to 12 midnte esp on a wkday i try to oink2 ..............i oso never say anything bad. helo???

Slipper understands how u feel but she needed her OINK2 badly. juz get well 1st lah............


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