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Thursday, September 30, 2004

What the Hoo-Ha? We Did It!

The Parish Assembly (PA) came and went (Sunday, 26 September 2004). The turnout was not that disappointing as expected. In spite of the skepticism and naysaying, we still managed to pull in a decent crowd to set up and get going the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). A total of 270+ parishioners lend their support to the session which was helmed by a team of dedicated people who had been planning for this day since the earlier half of this year.

After all this is over, the real work would begin. It remains to be seen how the elected members of the PPC will go forward with determination and zest to initiate proposals for changes in the parish as we move into the a 'renewed' pastoral vision. Some other parishes who have earlier finished with their PA have shown some disappointing turnouts, indicating that this issue is still a touch-and-go. Some have yet to do their PA and their perception to this is anybody's guess.

But for what it is worth, perhaps one can continue to pray that whatever the direction the PA and PPC take the archdiocese, at least we would have some other dedicated parishioners and concerned lay people who may turn the tide for the better - for action and life!

And that takes courage!

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