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Friday, October 01, 2004

The Afterthought and Footnotes Of Life

The trick, he found, was to begin to write before he had any idea what he was about to write.
Blogging since June 2001, you'd think I would be an expert of sorts in writing something spectacular here for the masses to gawk at and admire. Far from it! I always have some blockage of ideas or thing to say whenever I start to pen an entry. So the trick is to to start typing any word that comes in to mind and rearrange the content later.

Each sneeze expels a ghost; each yawn draws one back in.
If I am really free with my comments, there would be many entries that can cause some stir and arching eyebrows among the readers who come by this place. So one needs to look more subtly at my entries and to read between the lines.

In the city, all his stars were windows.
Many a times I am writing as though I am looking through a glass darkly. At the back of my mind, as I penned each entry, I know I am still missing an element that may shed better light onto the details being given. That's the limitation I face and one which I respect because if I were able to know all the exact details, I might as well be Bruce Almighty.

His headache, he eventually discovered, was a message from his brain that it was time to go to sleep.
So, after this rambling, it is only fair that I now adjourn and spare my readers more tomfoolery of words and misstatements. It has been a rather stimulating exercise in wordsmithing and here's to more of the same!

(all those in purple with courtesy from Geof Huth)


Anonymous said...

You've finally let me in on the secret of the footnotes!

So now I see! ;)

- SC

Anonymous said...

you'll eventually get round to it, even without my revelation....


Anonymous said...

Went SMOTA today...blessing of cute so many pets :P


Jude Gal said...

u didn't ask FRIAR to BLESS U oso (heehee)........


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