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Monday, August 09, 2004

Red Is In!

Happy National Day! Wear red today!


Jude Gal said...

Not CHNESE NEW YR lah but Happy National Birthday !!!
Soorie, couldn't get out of bed even though i went to bed with "sleeping pill" quite early 9plus or so, juz woke up ard 11am.

Sum1 on his WAY TO NEW YORK liao, Have a safe trip.

*s*haron said...

Asked Frsp why he wasn't in red and white on n-day. He said only cardinals wear red and white. :D

Jude Gal said...

frsp can joke wan??? i am surprised. heehee...........yestday afnoon wanted to walk in SAC maybe sit infront of eucharist & pray while waiting 4 a fren to hopby, how would i noe SAC would be closed??? NOT MY PARISH WAT, thk god i bumped into frsp he was driving into SAC in the end i had to wait at buzstop 4 fren...........

Spore Idol, damn malu..........


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