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Monday, August 09, 2004

Uniquely Singapore

It started off nicely enough, on this National Day, with the Milestone Wedding Anniversary Mass for 41 couples of this parish together with their family, friends ansd relatives. Along with them too were a smattering of other parishioners who usually attends the morning Mass but today have to bear with this celebration. 4 Priests were in attendance of whom Fr AJ was the main celebrant. The Mass was then followed by a lunch reception. So far so good. I was still a little worn out by my session with the YC'ers last night where, after confession and Mass, I came back a little after 1 a.m. this morning. Both the Milestone and YC's Masses were experiences of camaraderie and fellowship and the strenghtening of commitment and love to one another. Grab a short nap after that.

In the late afternoon, however, another sort of experience took centrestage. It began with a call this morning at around 8.00 a.m. Someone passed away yesterday in an accident. A Filipino working in Singapore. An employee of Shangrila Hotel. Could I come over to conduct a short funeral prayer service during this moment of sorrow for the bereaved family (a wife and a 1 year old child)? I said OK and they told me that they will pick me to Trinity Casket (Sin Ming) for the service at 5.00 p.m. When I went there a large crowd had already gathered. The deceased, Norberto, seemed to be well loved by his friends and colleagues of Shangrila. I did the service and comforted the widow who was distraught by her husband's sudden death.

I felt a little surreal with all these as it was a series of differing events and emotions that came all in one day. These are not uncommon items that can happen in the ministry. Nonetheless to be found in the midst of one can be a little discomforting experience to undergo. By the way, it gets more interesting because I have a gathering at a friend's place later this evening over BBQ and some drinks as we watch the National Day Parade on TV!

Truly Uniquely Singapore!


*s*haron said...

Most certain that by going through the exceptionals, your presence would have been a great source of strength and comfort to the bereaved, and help to the deceased.

In faith.

Jude Gal said...

i suppse SHOCK, DENIAL one phrase to another. later stage then ACCEPTANCE.

Pse pray for frpz Spirit to guide him & SM to be able to share & relate to frpz.

fral, realised how FORTUNATE Jude Gal is. sum pple dun ve any1 to turn to when they re dwn. like when i was/am very dwn, i had/have TOYSHOP to turn to - Play Toys even though dun ve DOLLS for me to play??? got frpgh, freff, fraj, frjbt, frpz so many to turn to.......spolit for choices. sum pple juz need a listeng ear. not easy but muz be strong rite?

hope tat everything will turn out ok 2mw evening. well, be it lor if FLOOD in frpz ofce, not say i never "Flood" in fral ofce b4. heehee........i still help mself to tissue paper. no big deal, GAL wat, sure cry wan but sumtmes try to control but can't.

Jude Gal said...

Fral, Pse Pray tat JUDEGAL - S.B. has a GOOD zzzzz 2nte. i am really tired...........

Jude Gal said...

Helo Sharonjie, heehee.......Surprise to see me here at zis tme? last nte lah, was in bed - "too lazy, tired" to get up & take "sleeping pill". my postnasal drip is affecting my throat badly, very painful.

To tat sum1 who like to SUAN ME SO MUCH, u can SUAN ME ALL U LIKE, i won't answer u back oso coz my throat too painful, dun feel like toking. Going to Oink2 liao. On 1/2 day pm mc, made sure i did my quota b4 leaving. Toking to clients was tough.........

The MORAL OF THE STORY is no matter how i feel "IF EVERYNTE HAVE TO TAKE SLEEPING PILL Have to TAKE MEANS Have to TAKE". now suffer worse.............even though i noe i sound TEROK in 10th HEAVENS a/f taking SLEEPING PILL. i tink oso last nte i looked out of window rather saw "sum stuffs" windows face fill in the blanks yrself..........there was a SMELL, maybe lah, STUPID HAZE.

Learnt my LESSON - Have to take my sleeping pills as usual.

Thk U St Jude for assisting me in my quota 2day if not i can't come home and REST MY sucking ice to numb my throat. No TOK Pse.........

Jude Gal said...

Every1 wears RED to celebrate National Day, my throat is SORE & RED................fral, u noe wat in my job zis is the worst illness sickness one can get.

not 4getting the session with PZ is on now. hope tat everything is fine.

NteNte................Be Guai. maybe a bath in lourdes mgt do wonders.

Jude Gal said...

"DO - RE - MI" oso can join Spore Idol.......can't tehan. Real SUANING !!!


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