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Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday Thots

A quiet day to start off the week. Most Mondays are like that. No one comes in to bother you much and I have the whole office to myself and catching up on any remaining work that needed to be done. The cool weather outside also gives a serene and fresh outlook of what possibilities one can embark on in the playground of the Lord.

For starters, I had to do a funeral for a deceased parishioner who was recently baptised. An elderly gentleman who died at the age of 82, he was the only one together with his wife who became a Catholic. The rest of his immediate children are non-Catholic. His niece, who is a Catholic, saw to most of the arrangements for this funeral. I had initially just wanted to do the Mass (re: Are We There Yet? this blog entry) without the homily but decided this was an opportunity to enlighten the congregation on the Catholic way of approaching the question of death.

Later Bro Nick (no, not related to St Nick...) from St Pat's called to ask if I am able to do a Mass in the school's chapel, on Wednesday evening, for Bro William who had passed away today. Unfortunately I wasn't able to and asked him if he could contact another priest nearby. Phew!... This week seems to be a 'good time' for dying. Fr Pierre Barthoulot also was called to the Lord Sunday morning. May all their souls rest in peace.

Meanwhile, the world continues to roll on and the day is half gone. Be good for something for the rest of this day!


Anonymous said...

1st of all, Fr Bart reminds me of "Uncle Pope" frm far if any1 of u ever attended evening mass at St Joseph's b4. ever went to him for box, my confessn becme 3x coz he was hard of hearing (heehee). i did my box a/f mass the whole church could hve heard my sins. i noe of close frens who re very close to him. nevermind but Fr Dufray now got "more companions" and he can show em' a "City Tour" of the Other side. (heehee)..........

Fr Aloy, Many THKS for yr invitation 4 evening mass at hfc, the timing can't lah & 2ndly mummie asked me to do 9 ntes, I AM TRYING.......Happy BDAY GRANDMA ANNE.

Anonymous said...

Yestday at St Anne's i was early coz mummie wanted me to get sum stuffs frm bkshop, oso waitg for my companion...........there was wheelbounded lady who asked me "is there anywhere i can get water?" Helo, St Anne's is NOT MY PARISH. went to ask Warden, he redirected me to Uncle Ben ............told Uncle for a wheelchaired lady, warden told me she muz be thirsty & mistaken the timg of mass - 8pm not 6pm. nevermind,Uncle gve me water for the lady frm his own flask. i brought the cup of water to lady - u noe wat she told me??? The water is meant for HER MAID.
She made me walk up dwn, helo i dun like to walkard esp when i bathe b4 going for mass, i dun like the sticky feeling wan.
Fr Aloy, in HFC, i got SERVANT OF THE LORD to serve me GREEN TEA, even asked me i wanted KOREAN MAGGIE MEE IF I WAS was as if like wat Fr Aloy u taught me on saturday abt PATIENCE.
Fr Aloy, u gona say S.B. wat !!! i gve up...........
A lesson to be learnt. 2day i am going hve dner then go dwn on tme. heehee

michael said...

Fr Aloy...sorrie to post this again. Was in Kota Kinabalu for the past 12 days so I'm not sure if the last post got through. Basically its michael (the one who used to be from the Holy Spirit altar servers. You came over to my place with Mr Bong once.). I would like to know about the various steps/procedures about joining was hoping since you've passed through its golden gates you might have the info. Thx.

Aloysius said...

call me at 63440046 x 6...

Anonymous said...

Fr Aloy, oh dear me, St Anne's is NO PARISH of MINE. oni noticed on sat evening, frs have added a glass panel for BABIES AND MUMS at the back to attend mass. How i noe it's for the Babies and Mums category on a wkday like 2day??? hahaha.......warden told me FOR BABY ONI, I wanted to laugh, hahaha..........I BIG GAL NOT BIG BABY. heehee

Anonymous said...

Speaking about is some place I am considering...dunno lar.

Went to pay my respects to Fr Barthoulot this afternoon.

Had quite a bad time in school...sometimes I wonder if I am making the correct choices.


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