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Monday, July 26, 2004

It's Anakin's Turn

It's out! The official title for the last of the Star Wars prequel series: Star Wars III. The world waits with bated breath...


*s*haron said...

I see you read today's papers! You beat me at it. Humphhh! *pout*

Anonymous said...

Now, now, young padawan. Not good this pouting. Anger,it leads. And the rest, you know... Who is first, it is not but how we must finish. Yoda

Anonymous said...

Master Yoda, thou doth quoth from Episode III???!! :D

Young Padawan

Anonymous said...

Why YOUR AGEING AGE GROUP like STAR WARS? but Fr Aloy, my galfrens say "U cool"........Lord of Ring watever the mountain name u oso know. hahaha........they very the IMPRESS. i gve up. i asked them "Would U like to visit a TOYSHOP?". Owner of ToyShop - LEADER OF THE RING. hahaha...............

Trying to eat dner finish my food if not daddy say can't go out. i am timing mself if not can't receve Jesus later.

michael said...

There is a slight problem that I have yet to mention Father =], or rather a few. One, I'm in Perth doing my final year of JC. Two, I'm only 17 since I've skipped one year here.
The current plan is to serve my National Service at the start of next year. And after NS (its a rather fair bit off), I hope to "enrol" with the seminary. I understand they might not be willing to take me in at 20.
If thats the case I would have to apply with the seminary here in Perth. I know that it looks very rush, jumping into something like this immediately after NS. Moreover, I could very well have different opinions after NS.
Its an itch I can't seem to scratch and its been nagging at me for the past 19 months now, so I thought I would just make a few enquiries and get some information. Btw, I have had some contact with Fr John Paul Tan (the frannie).
Lol, do I still have to call you?

Aloysius said...

If you are able to do the necesary enquiries, just carry on with what you are doing.... God bless!

Anonymous said...

my mum say my St Anne's Teochew Prayer Terok.......she say better dun say. heehee !!!


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