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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Cool and Dreaming

"Strangely cool and calm ..."

That was what I said the last time before the day I went on the altar to celebrate the Mass in a language which I don't speak with under ordinary circumstances. A comment made that I am like a duck - cool and calm on the surface but paddling hard and frantic beneath the waters! That sort of sums up yesterday evening as I prepared to do my first Mandarin Mass.

Managed to muddle myself through the celebration but still gave a decent account for the sake of the language and the liturgy at hand. Fr Tou concelebrated with me (but I had to do everything. He was just there, this round only, to ensure I don't faint from sheer fright) and said after the Mass that I passed! I will take that as a compliment from someone who doesn't give praises easily. The Chinese parishioners were very kind and patient with me and congratulated me on my first attempt at a Mandarin mass. The next time round it will be a little better. There will be much room for improvement. I am now slotted to do the Mandarin mass on every 1st Saturday. I am targetting to lessen the laugh factor from my mispronunciations by at least half...

Meanwhile, had lunch with some friends who seemed to have a revival in their lives through the Mana Mana Song. What we came down to in our conversations was that they could form a 'pop' group calling themselves "A.S.S." (Altar Servers Society). If they ever pick up on this idea they could further their flight to 'stardom' by a performance with the following particulars:

What the Heck is Mana Mana?!
by A.S.S.
with lead singer Fraj
assisted by Dog, Bone and MC 'Stammer'.
on bass - Casanova, lead - Blackie, drums - HolyDrummer, keyboard - Danny Boy

One can always dream...

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