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Monday, March 15, 2004

Up and At 'Em!
Monday morning and clearing the debris of Sunday's activities with many more to look into today and the days ahead. First stop would be some rounds to be made to houses of people needing anointing of the sick. That's three place within the vicinity of the church. Then there's my article for the coming church newsletter for the Easter issue.

After which this evening there is a meeting to finalise the procedures and settings for the impending baptism of the elect who have journeyed the past year in their RCIA to Easter this year. It would be a great joy for all concerned that they will be finally baptised that night after an intense and interesting journey that saw them through many experiences and emotions.

Monday blues? Pshaw!.. seize the day people, seize the day! You have only one to live it through. Make it a good one!

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