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Saturday, March 20, 2004

To Forgive Is Human?
A short respite before the spotlight turns on...

In the cool and quiet of my office contemplating on what to look out for when I begin Mass later at 6.00 pm. I am on for preaching this weekend and the readings with the gospel message has a strong and relevant point to make about reconciliation. With so many wrongs we do to other people, ourselves and to the wiorld, the last thing we need now are excuses and retaliation.

I suspect that many of us are bound and caged by our petty attitudes of unforgiveness and judging others and not accepting our own part in the reason for all or some of the ills of the world. The parable of today's gospel - Prodigal Son - can give some thoughts to that, especially when we focused our attention on the elder brother: the silent, 'angry' man.

Don't live among pigs but come to your senses and return to your father...

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