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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Let's Rawk!
While the esteemed commentators are slugging it out as to whether one can go to heaven wearing slippers, sandals or other branded leg apparels, I was happily enjoying myself with the philosophy of Rock and Roll from a movie and the potential that lies in each and every one of us to change the world!

The movie 'School of Rock' is about a down-and-out rock artiste who inspired a bunch of preppy students from an upper class primary school into forming a rock and roll band to compete in a Battle of the Bands competition. In the process they became a credible rock band that captured the hearts of their serious-minded and stiff upper lip parents who earlier looked upon them as students who should be scoring 'A's in their exams.

While the movie is nonsensical, farfetched and very American, which is why we call this a comedy, its underlying message is one of sowing a dream and using one's skills and talents to achieve the seemingly impossible, and only because it is a dream worth listening to. What are your dreams? Is it time you try to do something concrete about them?...

"...And if you want to be the teacher's pet, ooh baby, you'd better forget it!
Rock's got no reason, rock's got no rhyme.
You'd better get me to school on time!
- Jack Black and the School of Rock

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