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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Rainy Days and Sundays...
Rained a good half of today. When it wasn't pouring like cats and dogs it was drizzling on and off like a bearded man wondering how he should sleep in bed - with his beard under or over the blanket.

Today also saw me shifting my presence downstairs when I swapped office rooms with Fr Tou, who now occupy my previous premises upstairs. Spend half of today tidying up and putting in order my 'new' office. Or should I say instead 'the' new office?...

With this change of height, I am expecting a little more traffic coming by my door, many of whom unnecessary. If it wasn't for the Jesus factor I would have packed up and took a hike a long time ago! So, here's to patience and a touch of Lent. The yoke is still there, only lighter.

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