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Thursday, January 08, 2004

2004. Already?!
Had some trouble the past week in updating the blog due to DNS problems. Couldn't see my page as it got rerouted to the main Blogger home page due to their DNS snafu in their servers. Today is the only day that I am able to put something down. Whether it is worthwhile or not is another question.

Well, we are in the year 2004 and so far I have managed to keep head firmly on my shoulders. Fr Erbin will soon take his leave from this parish as he goes into 'greener pastures' for his studies in New York at the later half of this year. Meanwhile St Stephen will have his services there for a while as Fr Augustine Joseph replaces him here at Holy Family.

As for the term 'my parish', I say it with no attachment of glory or demands put to it. It is only a way to say that come what may, fire, snow, hail or mist, I am sticking here through thick and thin and put up with whatever this parish can throw at me. If I am here I bear responsible for whatever I incur or encounter and remain faithful to her in spite of her difficulties. At the end of the day I know I can still let her go and say, "I am only a humble servant. I've done no more than my duty..."

Welcome to the New Year and here's to a more peaceful and gracious one!

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