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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

The Crib
My parish is probably the only one I know that would have a life-size crib (with manger and all) that includes a chicken and a duck with a few eggs lying around behind the Holy Family. There is no customary cow or oxen and the donkey.

You may wonder why this strange scene? I don't really know. Perhaps because we are trying to give a more Asian context to the Nativity setting because we may be more familiar with chickens and duck than we are of oxens and donkeys. There are many chicken and duck rice stalls around the vicinity of the church, too. If so, can you imagine what other countries in other parts of the world may include in the crib if they let their imagination roam a little?... Australia - platypus and the kangaroo? Malaysia - mouse deer and orangutan? China - the twelve zodiac animals?!

We are coming to the end of 2003. This is just my own rambling because I never got to build my own crib I wanted. Here is how it will be:
1. Frodo (and Sam?) presenting the One Ring in front of the infant Jesus to transform it into a rosary
2. Gandalf presenting his staff that would eventually be use to keep the Christ child's future disciples in their place.
3. Aragorn laying down his sword, Narsil, as a reminder of ominous things to expect from the birth of the Christ child (the rise and fall of many).
4. To top it all, there will be a pair of life-size Lego Sandtroopers guarding the Holy Family with their blasters in hand!
5. R2D2 will be stationed towards the back of the crib, providing the beeps and whistles to the tune of Silent Night, Holy Night and lastly C3PO, who is a protocol droid trained in 10 million languages (or thereabouts) will be between Joseph and Mary translating the Hobbit and Elvish speeches into Aramaic.

I challenge anyone to top this incongruous and bizarre setting! Till then, Happy New Year and may you find what your hearts desire and cherish most for 2004.

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