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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry and Blessed Christmas - A Ghoulash of Encounters!
It's Christmas!

The days leading to this celebration has been a plethora of highs and lows experiences and encounters that can cause a schizophrenic nightmare if it wasn't for the fact that this is one of the normal incidences of every day life. It tends to get rather intense during this period as every one becomes rather frantic with their preparations and coupled with the holiday activities. So the following are some notable encounters that 'made my day' (in random order):

LOTR: Return of the King
What can say that is n't already said. It better win the Best Director for Peter Jackson. The trilogy will get my vote for the best Movie/Series for the millenium! OK, so it didn't fully encompassed the entire book exactly as purists would like it. But the essence of this epic has been retained faithfully and rendered in its own cinematic version that none other person in the future may better it, unless it is Jackson himself. I'll give a 10 for the Wow! factor. Intend to watch it again for another two more rounds...

The Dejected
In the midst of all this are those who face loneliness and some form of rejection that it is easily to forget or ignore them in a rather cold manner. After all it is their problem, right?... Well, the answer I got through this sad case of family breakdown, just before Christmas, seems to point to the need for us to practice more compassion. Had to counsel a woman who made a cold call and ended up using my number over her depression and suicidal tendencies. It wasn't easy and I could tell that she was needing an opportunity to let herself be heard. It was very sad for me to hear and experience this brokenness even in this so call modern and efficient Singapore. It goes to show just what would slip through the cracks of the floors of this No. 1 society. Managed to calm her down and got the Family Ministry people here to look into her case.

Presents and Gifts
This the time for such giving. Grateful for all benefactors and well wishers who have given gifts and the season a little more interesting. Still, the greater challenge is for us to give the real gift of ourselves to others and making that difference in their lives.

It has been a series of writing and planning this week as I have to cater to different settings for the run up to Christmas. Even if I was not up for any Mass duties this week, I still had to prepare homilies for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and another for the 26 Dec which is the Altar Servers special feast day. With the running around here and there, some last minute meetings that cropped up and other administrative activities, it can get rather tense when you find yourself rushing to get your homilies done. After that, you wonder if all that you are going to say actually makes any sense...

The Comment
Thanks to all who have made their paw prints in the Comments box. Had fun reading them and don't stop putting a piece of your mind there.

Tomorrow is another and then the New Year is upon us. Have we really change for the better? Have a pleasant and blessed Christmas and your New Year be peaceful and God bless you all!

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