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Friday, December 05, 2003

Dogs ARE happier here!
This first week of Advent signals the first candle being lit for hope and setting the pace for the Light of the World to illumine our darken side so that we can drop off all that is unwanted and a hindrance to come closer to a renewed relation with God.

An interesting article captured my attention on this and it didn't necessary came from items pertaining the faith. A Bhutanese reporter, Gopilal Acharya, on a short stint with the Streats newspaper, gave an insightful and personal account of his feelings concerning Singapore and her people. His piece can be read on the Streats Fri 28 Nov issue. He says we are a market driven lot, prone to high-tech sophistication and living in a time-dictated life. In all this as he tries to assimilate himself into the society, he finds that he is gradually 'losing his soul.'

A fine point to make when we can sometimes be people 'imprisoned' in partitions, booths, shops and workplace all to earn money and more money.

Have we lost our souls? Have we forgotten where our true treasure lies? While God passed by me some weeks ago, he isn't forgetting to let me know that I, of all persons, am to put my priorities in the right perspective with regards my ministry.

Gopilal says that while in Bhutan, seeing mangy and scrawny stray dogs on the roads are a common sight and that their unending barking straight on past midnight would replace our cars' hoot in Singapore, the presence of dogs here on the streets are few and most of them in the backseat of their owners' car - happier than their owners. At the rate we are driving ourselves crazy in this fast paced society, which is mainly self inflicted, there may be many who wouldn't mind being that dog in the backseat!

Meanwhile, I'll go and discuss this with someone who calls himself 'Dog' and in so many ways like that animal in the backseat...

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