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Thursday, November 27, 2003

God Passing By
A little girl came up to me after Mass last Sunday evening and gave me a big hug. Because she was a little vertically challenge, her arms only got round my knees. She held on for a good one minute, and all the time smiling from ear to ear, not wanting to let go but relishing my reaction as I laughed and hugged her in returned. It didn't matter that I still had my vestments on and that the congregation were still coming out of the church doors where we were standing.

That was God passing by and it was the second time in my life that I knew the divine broke through the profane and reached out into the ordinariness of our lives. What made it significant was that the Mass celebrated gave new birth and life to some 37 catechumen and 2 teens through the waters of baptism. Being the main celebrant, that was my first celebration of such a rite in the RCIA journey, as a priest.

When I went to visit my godson''s family at Sengkang during the Raya holiday (25 Nov, Tuesday) had the opportunity to play with him and his 2 siblings - running, screaming and carefree precocious bunch of children that are about to start Pri 1 or learning to walk. For that period I remembered what it was to be like a child that knows no bounds in imagination and that the whole world is an oyster. Only for them it is the Cartoon Network, 4 meals a day and that Mummy and Dada will make all things right.

It was a lesson in depending on Someone who can give and provide for all our needs and not to be too clever to think that we are the masters of the universe. That is the reason for the state of our world today.

Life's lessons, priceless. Classroom, what the day gives. Teacher, Master and Commander himself - Our Father.

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