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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Finding My 'Soul'
Back after a short break from my trip to Melaka. From there I actually went up further north, jst before KL with my parents and stayed in Kajang and around Bt Kinrara as I visited my youngest brother and my sister's place touching base with my family and my nephews.

Found out that my parents will be staying with my youngest brother and his family to look after their grand children. They have gotten a rented place, two houses away from my brother's place and will be there for some time. Meanwhile the Melaka home will be rented out for a while. Looks like I shall be missing Melaka for quite some time for now.

The short break was a good respite from the fast paced environment that is Singapore. There is this subtle different in lifestyle and pacing whenever I go back to Malaysia. It's less stressful and much more breathable there. Never mind if it is a little bit more disorderly. I've come to accept that shortfall, only if I can still find my 'soul' there. Perhaps Acharya was right. Places like Singapore tend to erode one's soul little by little. Places like these forces one to make a living out of life, not living a life.

For better or worse, I'm nonetheless here and I'll have to live with this...

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